Nice female leather backpack.

Hello everyone, I want to share with you a nice leather women's backpack, which I fell in love with at first sight.
I'm a beginner in reviews, so don't scold too much.
The review of the backpack will be short.
All who are interested, read on).
There are no photos of the package itself, as I really wanted to open it and enthusiastically disheveled the packaging))
Backpack photos

I wanted to buy a small cute backpack for walking with dogs, since we have two, walking with a bag on his shoulder or clutch is difficult)).
I think for a walk with children, a backpack is perfect, since two hands are free and happy with the number of any pockets)).
In addition, the backpack, as for me, is stylish, albeit black, is suitable for any wardrobe.

Additional pockets photos

- the length of the straps, the minimum length for me is a bit long, the upper part of the backpack is not tight to the back. My height is 169cm. I'm going to strap length
correct in the studio.
- price, it is possible and cheaper.
- a sufficient number of compartments and pockets
-37cm leather strap, this is a plus for me, I do not like completely fabric straps
- the skin is nice to the touch, quality material
-Dogs are comfortable, zippers slide without difficulty
Very pleased with the purchase, I recommend to purchase.
Photo on me

Thank you all for your attention.