Chinese teapot

Good day! There are a lot of similar dummies on Ali, the price difference is sometimes significant. In my own experience, a cheap teapot lasts 3-4 months. The drain hole is clogged, the strainer leaks, the button breaks. It turns out that one of the founders of the production of such types was Kamjove. Since 1989, they have been holding the brand, many technologies are patented, including the drain button of this kettle.
The type is made of glass and plastic; it can easily break during transportation. The seller packed the package quite reliably.

The branded box of the kettle itself is quite dense. Inside is a small gift, a spoon for tea.
Kettle capacity 500 ml. However, the brewing capacity is much smaller. Therefore, to collect these 500 ml, you need to make at least 3 straits. The teapot is made of heat-resistant glass, but the teapot is plastic.
Workmanship pleases, the button is rather tight, the lid closes tightly, not a drop is leaking. Convenient durable handle that does not heat up.
Delivery less than 2 weeks by ePacket.
For a couple of weeks of operation, no consnoticed. A high-quality teapot, which is not a shame to give, will serve for itself. There is enough volume for tea for two, no more. Very satisfied, recommend it!