Sausage syringe, disappointed joy.

Sausages and sausages. Since childhood, we all love a sausage sandwich. Or pasta sausages. I also wanted to remember the taste of childhood. I went to the store for taste, but there I was disappointed. Sausage and sausages were from strange ingredients. He refused the purchase, but the desire was not lost anywhere.
It was decided to surf the Internet onsubject of recipes. To begin with, a trivial recipe was found with wrapping chicken in chicken skin. The recipe was good, but it was more ham, even rather boiled meat. And the manufacture of such a “bar” took considerable time.
Searching further, I found an interesting adapt - ham.
It was a steel cylinder, inwhich the upper and lower bottom were mobile. What allowed, using a spring, to pull forcemeat and make a denser texture. Already better, but still not that.
Further searches led me to naturalshells that could be bought from a butcher. Several meters of the shell were purchased, meat and home-made sausage were produced in a manual meat grinder. It turned out pretty well, but the way of stuffing killed all the enthusiasm. Two or even three hours passed away forever. And here I learned about sausage syringes. I also learned about nitrite salt, about phosphates and guests for sausages, but not about that now.
Such a sausage syringe was purchased on the day of a bachelor on Ali Express.
A few words about the delivery. Delivered by express delivery SPSR. Delivered quickly, something about 11 days, taking into account the weekend.

Now about the syringe itself. Here disappointment awaited me. As described, this is a fully steel syringe. In fact, all parts except the cylinder are aluminum or silumin. Which, however, does not affect its functions. But you can’t put it in the dishwasher. Who does not know, the alkalis with which the dishwasher washes erase the natural layer from aluminum and aluminum begins to get dirty. Washing is difficult, although possible.
So, the syringe itself consists of a clamp, a piston that is wrapped in silicone, a steel tank and nozzles of various diameters. The volume of the tank is one kilogram.

Using a syringe. A syringe to use, not an example of a manual or even an electric meat grinder, is simpler. Here I will explain. An electric meat grinder should make life easier, in theory, but not when stuffing sausages. Minced meat sausage is more like mashed potatoes than what we used to imagine at the word - minced meat. And it’s very difficult to stuff such a “slurry” with meat grinders. For comparison. Stuff 3 kilos of minced meat with a meat grinder - an hour or even a half. Fill with a syringe, even taking into account the periodic addition of minced meat to the tank - about twenty minutes.

Minced meat recipe. The raw material for sausages was a pork shoulder. I dissolved this stuffing 2 times in a meat grinder and added spices and water. Minced pork - 3 kg. Nitrite salt, at the rate of 18 grams per 1 kg of minced meat. Ice water - 300 ml. White pepper - 1 gr. Black pepper - 1 gr.
Screw the syringe to the table, in this case, to the stool. We put a shell on the nozzle. We stuff the tank with minced meat and sausages went out of the nozzle.

We leave sausages for a day to be salted in the refrigerator.

Then we put them in hot water, previouslyheated to 80 degrees. And cook for 20-25 minutes. Now I have a thermometer with a probe. I stick the probe into the sausage, and cook it to the internal temperature of the sausage at eighty degrees.

I took a syringe at a significant discount, at 30percent - 3 359.13 rubles, but even for the price that the seller offers us, I would take it. Analogs are more expensive. A kilogram for home production is enough. The fact that you can’t wash in a dishwasher is very sad, but you can wash it with your hands, but someone doesn’t have it at all.