Ring-pull can opener

Hello! Today we will talk about an opener for cans with a key ring, in short - the goods are worth taking, for more detailed information I ask under cat.
When opening cans with a key-ring by the ring, there is a risk of cutting onto the sharp edges of the can, in order to avoid this, a special opener was ordered for mom. I did not find such an opener right away, basically all openers are designed to open ordinary cans.
The goods came in a regular bag, the opener itself was packed in another bag and all this was wrapped in a “little bubble”, nothing was damaged.
An autopsy revealed the smell of China, but quicklyweathered. The opener is made of 2 different materials, white plastic is strong enough and solid for its functions, black is softer, it is comfortable to hold in your hand.
Bottom line - satisfied with the purchase.
An example of using the device (gif animation)