Kitchen spatula

Good day!
Scrolling through the expanses, AliExpress found a funny little thing!
A kitchen spatula in the form of a little animal - squirrels.
I ordered it!
What did you get? Who cares - you are welcome to read further.
So! Let's get started!
I’ll be concise and concise, because the product is very simple, and I think that there is no point in rashing the topic.
Product length - 20cm from nose to tip of tail

Product width, in the largest part of the tail - 6cm

There are also small legs. Which is very convenient, because the product can be put on any surface (except hot, of course), without fear that it will get dirty with oil (or something else, it all depends on your culinary skills)

What are the advantages I noted for myself
1. Practical (rather dense plastic, which allows you to fearlessly mix food in a pan, and the spatula will definitely not bend)
2. Convenient (fits well in the hand, it is easy to mix vegetables. I personally don’t really like big “shovels” for mixing)
3. Beautiful (can be used as decoration of the interior of the kitchen, will not take up much space)
4. There is no smell (everyone who is interested in the criterion is China!)
Anyway, a funny little thing! I, as a person who loves everything beautiful and bright for his home, and even more so the kitchen, was pleased with such a find! I recommend you!
Thanks for attention! Good luck to everyone, because in front of us are waiting for pleasant chores and New Year's holidays!
Well, how without a cat?