kitchen assistants (multi-view)

Hello. I want to show you a little bit, namely 3 kitchen utensils.
Who cares - I'm waiting under the cut))).
1. The first one to be watched will be a mini citrus sprayer.
I bought with the hope of sifting juice for food. For example, a chicken is being prepared, and I will spray on it. I understand that it is easier to squeeze juice directly from citrus, but I wanted to try to do it in another way.
Well then. Let's consider this device.
The lot consists of two sprayers of different sizes (as I understand it for lemon and lime) and a stand for citrus.

An exploded view looks like this:

When we screw the device into citrus, the juice must be collected in these holes due to which it is sifted in the future.

Material: ordinary plastic, but the "cap" is silicone.
I put the sprayer in the already cut lemon,Which was cut off not under this device. Just as an example, what a sprayer looks like in practice, let’s say so. But if you get this thing, then the citrus will need to be cut less, as in the seller’s photo, then it will be much! it is better.

And here we have a small photo shoot

Conclusion: the sprayer works, but it is a little useless, since it is still easier to squeeze the juice out with your hands.
2. The second hero of our review was a colander.
I really wanted to buy it online, here reference. By reference, its price is $ 1.97. But we, like everywhere else, have shops with ridiculous prices, I visit them periodically, since you can buy something you need. And lo and behold! The exact same colander, but for $ 0.46. Naturally, I acquired this thing and now my joy is no chapel.
It was purchased in order to throw waste from vegetables and fruits during cooking.
Previously, I did this in the sink, and then I collected everything in the sink and threw it into the trash.
Now I just clean it off, cut it off into this colander. Personally, I have become much more comfortable.
You can also wash berries in a colander or store sponges for washing. To whom).
The colander has the appearance of an unfolded piece of plastic. There are two holes on one side and two protrusions on the other. What next ??? We connect the holes and protrusions and get a cone.

Next to a mug of 250 ml.

This cone is attached to the sink on itsmetal part. But I have this part is small and, accordingly, I can’t attach it there. And I don’t attach to the table, because the surface of the table is rough, and the suction cup does not hold on such surfaces.
I stuck it to the wall. It may seem uncomfortable, but I will tell you that everything is in order. The wall does not bother me and I calmly get it out to the cone.

Conclusion: for me this is a very convenient thing, because it was not in vain that I wanted to purchase it. The only negative: if it’s hard to put in it, then the suction cup comes off and all the contents pour out into the sink.
3. And the last thing is a small towel. Took for $ 1.81. Link.
I bought it to wipe my hands in the kitchen, because thisthe material (microfiber) absorbs well, and is also very soft. I read the comments from the seller and noticed that many take a towel for their children, but I also like such cute things.
Size: 35 * 8.5cm (seller claimed 35 * 10cm). The seller sent the color, which he requested.
The quality is the most usual, the head is crookedly sewn, the threads stick out, and the rope on which the towel rests on us immediately got out of my head).

The towel lies in the hand like this:

General form:

Conclusion: soft, copes with its task. The quality is not so hot, but I have no complaints.
Thank you for watching.