Kitchen scales.

Good day everyone!
Last year I bought scales. In short, you can take, but as always, not without a flaw. I ask everyone interested under CUT
I ordered it on my own, bought for a certificate
Proof of purchase

They came in a box, the scales themselves were in a protective film (there is no photo of it, but you can see the seller’s photo), put in a bag and placed in a styrofoam box.
Packing photos

Size 18 * 14 * 1.5 cm.
Measurement range from 1 gram to 5 kg.
The division price is 1 gram.
They work from 2 AAA batteries, it was not included in the kit.
Backlit screen.
Rubber feet.
There is a function for setting containers.
Of the minuses, only the body is too easily soiled. Fingerprints are visible immediately.
In general, ordinary scales.
A photo

- Decent quality,
- backlit display,
-Rubber legs
-Design (I personally like)
-Brand housing
-If you put a large capacity, it is difficult to see the display values.
I advise you to buy, sometimes they are very useful, especially if you have a slow cooker, recipes for which require compliance with the weight for the ingredients.
Thank you all for your attention. If something is incomprehensibly ready to answer.