Flexible tap spout

For some reason, the kitchen faucet startedleak cartridge, and exclusively on hot water. On the one hand, there is no particular harm - well, water flows from the handle, and flows. But it’s a mess. Yes, and with the spout, I was already tormented by the order, because I chose on the principle that both beautiful and the lever move easily, but did not pay attention to the height. In the end, it turned out not to be completely useless, but to adapt.
In general, I bought this handsome man as a solutionleaking tap problems and trying to solve an old problem. And although the Russian-speaking comrades in the reviews on the product page discussed, of course, its shortcomings, but this did not scare me away.
That in a nutshell on the tap: cute, comfortable, not without flaws. Probably falls short of the amount that I paid for it, but hardly much more.
What I liked about the tap. Here’s right from the description - a laconic look, a long flexible “neck” with a fixed position and a watering can with a mode switch: jet and shower. In the first mode, for example, it is convenient to draw water into a filter or, say, a bucket. And secondly - wash your hands, wash and rinse the dishes. Well, what I'm telling - you yourself understand everything, not small.
Still, of course, the spout rotates around its axis.
The seller sent a mail company Itella, cranerode through Finland. Packaging - a box of ordinary brown cardboard without any identification marks. Inside there is only a tap in a fabric bag, a sleeve with a nut for fastening, and two identical gaskets.
By the way, I would be grateful if someone would tell me why there are two of them. There were no instructions in the kit, so it’s not very clear.

I must say right away - the gaskets and the sleeve lay separatelyfrom the tap, shifted by some kind of foamed plastic. Nevertheless, there were some troubles. In one place on the tap, the coating was damaged:

A bit reminiscent of manufacturing defects, to be honest, rather than a consequence of transportation.
If you turn the crane, then its length is about 56 cm, while the seller claims about 60 cm. But if you find fault with this, in fact - who cares about these 4 cm in the kitchen? I definitely don’t care.

I am much more concerned about the weight of this charm, which is only 680 grams:

What is the problem? The fact that the old crane, which is two times less, weighs 1 kg 140 grams. And now I think hard: what are the cranes in China actually made of?
And other things excite me a bit. In order about them. Firstly, after comparing with the old tap, it turned out that there is no gasket in the “body” of the tap:

I solved this annoying problem during installation by pouring a sealant onto the installation site with a liquid blue electrical tape. For those who are interested, the approximate diameter of the o-ring is something around 35 mm.
Secondly, the inputs to the tap are recessed, whichIt presents some problem if the hoses are short (I don’t know what they are called - pipe?) with “spouts”. I now have one with a long one, the other with a short one. One screwed normally, and the other as a result - not really. Diameter - 1/2 ", according to the marking on my hoses.

The mounting sleeve, according to Chinese tradition, turned out to be welded, although not to say that of foil:

But the nut that is screwed on it and pulls the tap to the sink - almost made of foil. The thickness in the thinnest place is just a millimeter. Up to the fact that the knurling of the thread is imprinted on the walls:

Installation even with my crooked hands turned out to beuncomplicated. True, there is a subtlety - the hoses must be passed forward through the mounting sleeve (1/2 "). Otherwise, they will not pass, because on the other hand the threaded connection is of a completely different size - at least in my case.
So I passed the hoses through the sleeve and the holein the sink, screwed the hoses into the tap, put it on the sink. Then he screwed the sleeve into the tap until the snap ring on the sleeve, on the other hand, pulled it with a nut - not forgetting to put a gasket under it. I remind you that the lack of a sealing ring on the tap was compensated by sealant on the sink at the installation site.
And this is what happened in the end.


Here's how it works:

Impressions are as follows. The crane design, of course, is very convenient for me - I definitely was not mistaken in this. The spout bends without much effort, but is fixed well. Its hose is crimped at the ends like a shower hose.
The mixer lever is not super smooth, but the most common. The mode switch is convenient and works regardless of the pressure in the valve, i.e. It switches when there is water, and when it is not.
However, there are details. It is simply physically impossible to place an aerator-housekeeper on this watering can.
In addition, my sink, as it turned out, is notbest suited for this type of crane. After all, it is from a rather thin stainless steel, which, combined with a small area of ​​the sole of the tap, leads to the fact that the surface of the sink bends noticeably during manipulations with the tap.
Not to say that the previous mixer was free from such behavior, but it has a larger sole area, so the sink “played” much less. In general, wait and see.
Finally, subjective. As you can see from the video, in the watering mode the new mixer is much more noisy than in the jet mode. Not to say that annoying, but I obviously did not think about it when I dreamed about buying.
In general, the product seems quite nice, but I will talk about the operating experience here - as usual, however.
As for the price, I think $ 46,what the seller asks for him, the crane is hardly worth it. I judge this by weight, thickness of the mounting nut, design of the mounting sleeve and the absence of an o-ring. Therefore, it makes sense to buy at a sale. But, perhaps, I have lagged behind life or do not understand something, and am mistaken in estimating value.
Many other sizes in pictures

p.s. Yes, I know that I could try to tighten the cartridge - I tried, it didn’t work. And yes, I know that one could try replacing the cartridge, but I'm like a pig in oranges in them.
Probably, it was necessary to call severe plumbing, but it was interesting to try on their own.