We connect Android devices to old TVs

Recent events with television in our homelandforced to think about alternative options. Who does not know, on New Year's Eve, on the night of December 31 to January 1, almost all Ukrainian TV channels were turned off (this applies only to Ukraine). That is, the channels that usually broadcast all New Year's shows, films, etc. were completely disabled. Over time, providers began to recoveraccess, but in most cases this is the same iptv in the window. Through all channels they blow to switch to digital, buy tuners and other delights of “modern life”. After scouring the barn, I found an old stick on the android, as well as an 8-inch tablet lying idle. Everything would be fine, but due to lack of knowledge and impulse, I once bought an HDMI-RCA cable and thought that I was the king of the hill, now I’ll connect any devices to old TVs ... but it wasn’t there. In general, I had to buy a converter, which in turn was very pleased with the quality and price.
I chose at that time the cheapest and with good reviews. The seller shipped the goods the next day by Estonian post. The goods, taking into account the holidays, arrived to me after 3 weeks.

Included is the device itself, a mini-usb cable and instructions with the specified operating modes

The device is made to last. No glue, crevices or pieces of plastic. All connectors are firmly attached, and in general the device is pleasant to hold in your hand.

The device works in one direction (if youneed the opposite direction, the seller has such models). That is, I only needed an HDMI input and an RCA output. There is also a switch between PAL and NTSC formats.

So what I needed to connect:
1) The stick itself on the android or any other device that has an HDMI output (mini, macro ... everything can be connected via adapters)
2) HDMI cable. In this case, when I connect the stick, I do not need a cable. But if the tablet will be connected - it is definitely needed
3) Adapter to power the converter (includedno, and I advise you not to take those that are in the sets, they are either completely not working, or low-power) ... you will also need an adapter to power the stick (complete). There is no power supply to the connected devices in the converter. I allegedly took the adapter to 2A, but in fact there is 0.7-0.8A. This is enough for normal operation of the converter.
4) RCA cables ... in the common people tulips

I must say right away that people who do not likebother with switching, wires ... option disappears. There will be many cables, but they easily hide behind an old TV. The only thing you need is a slightly peeking stick with a keyboard and mouse connected to it (2in1).

When switching between PAL-NTSC on the deviceThis device displays on the TV and shows the resolution. In my case, in PAL mode, the picture is displayed normally, when switching to NTSC, the picture is stretched and the controls go beyond

As a result, after watching the whole day iptv,the converter never failed and did not freeze. The heating temperature is within normal limits (for example, the stick heats up much more strongly). Therefore, for the money I consider it an excellent solution to my problem and I can recommend the seller and the product, everything is done with high quality and the price does not bite. Thank you all for your attention