Cool keychain calendar for 2010-2060, a mini review

It seems like nothing so extraordinary, but the thing is still cool
I took it for $ 0.81 with a free ship even before Ali entered the required track number for all shipments.
Now the seller has a price of $ 0.85 + $ 1.48 sending, which makes the purchase from him unjustified.
Better then go to ebay, sort it in ascending order:
So, came a key ring in an ordinary bag-crunch.
Made entirely of metal, a ring and several chain links are present.

The workmanship is very pleasing, some speakers are slightly slightly aligned, but not critical.
All inscriptions and symbols are made not just with paint, but engraved.
Symbols of the sun and moon mean nothing, they are only for beauty.
The back surface is polished, almost mirror.

In my copy, there was a jamb in the form of a spot that looked like something like a burn.
But I did not terrorize the seller and open a dispute for the sake of trifles.

Circle diameter 42mm.

Thickness 3.2mm.

How to use.
In the background (bottom panel) are the years from 2010 to 2060; the top panel rotates freely on top of it.
To determine which day of the week will be on a certain date, you need to combine the rotation of the required month and year in the upper part.
And at the bottom, find the desired day of the month, it will be opposite the desired day of the week.
For example, we combine 2017, the month of March, on the bottom we find the 20th day, opposite it M - monday, i.e. Monday.

The inconvenience is that the years and months are arranged in random order.
Well, the months with the days of the week in English, you need to get used to it a bit.
But the days of the month go horizontally in ascending order, it is easier to search for them.
Red S in the days of the week means Sunday - Sunday.
An attentive reader has already noticed that there are actually 14 months, there are two extra months painted in red - Feb and Jan.
They are used to search for dates in a leap year instead of their black counterparts.
For example, February 27, 2060 will be Friday.

I have one complaint against the manufacturer,January and February were painted red for leap years, but were the leap years slightly red? Not everyone can quickly figure out what kind of leap year 2038 will be there or not.
In general, the little thing is really funny.
Not that someone directly needed to constantly look for dates in the calendar, and even in this age of computer technology, it’s enough to ask Google to show the calendar for 2060.
But still, there is something in this thing, it reminds me personally of a mysterious magical artifact
In addition, the wheel rotates with such a pleasant sound, a bit reminiscent of the sound of a watch’s crown.
It can be used as an antistress instead of the well-known antistress cube or whatever you rub in your pocket там