AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ processor (socket am2)

We collect the shit and stick systematic at the minimum budget.
Planned load - comfortable surfing the net, 720p video, 2D games (or 3D from the last decade). Episode One - The Central Processing Unit.
The choice of processor socket was due to the presence of motherboardwhich I managed to purchase offline at a reasonable price. And although the estimated load on the PC by modern standards is more than modest, but subconsciously I wanted to get at least some kind of performance. Especially considering the scanty Overclocking potential of the board. Therefore, I opted for this lot - two cores of 2.6 GHz were the best suited for solving the tasks. Especially with an eye on the price tag.
Delivery took a month and a half; apparently the New Year holidays affected. But the track was tracked and there were no worries.
There are no complaints regarding packaging; everything is reliable and firm. The contents of the package were not damaged.

If you throw away everything unnecessary, then the processor itself is supplied in a plastic blister, which apparently preserves its legs intact)
Also in the kit there is a bag of smegma stone troll thermal paste. Well, a nice bonus. For lack of a better processor, at least it is ready to work out of the box.

Small scratches on the case

Wipe with alcohol and put in place

Do not forget about the thermal interface and runthe system. The motherboard correctly recognizes the installed processor. No BIOS updates are required. Indeed, the components come from the same era. Yes, they met like old friends. (The stripes on the monitor are the jamb of the monitor. They have nothing to do with the reviewed processor)

CPU-Z showed about this about the following

A CPU-Z tests:
one person - 227 parrots
for two - 431

A stress test warms the processor up to 60-65 ° C. Yeah, not cold at all. However, it is worth considering that the "heart" of the cooling system is the simplest aluminum radiator. For easy computing tasks, this is enough. But I am well aware that this is work at the limit of the capabilities of the CO and this node requires an early upgrade.

Benchmark PerformanceTest in terms ofCPU performance rated my choice at 941 parrots. And for some reason, compared with the performance of six top-end processors. Apparently hinting that the upgrade requires not only the cooling system).

Well, the benchmark built into the Windows operating system gave the central processor a rating of 5.9 points out of 9.9 possible.

If you evaluate the generalPC performance, then this assembly copes with my modest tasks without brakes and lags. (However, it is worth mentioning that an SSD is installed as a system disk, although sata 2 ... but it definitely has a positive effect on speed and performance).
It is difficult to make an unambiguous conclusion on the situation, because the iron is morally old, but still able-bodied. And for some, such a processor will be a salvation, and for someone - a key fob.
Now say goodbye to be good!