Professional Rubik's Cube Dayan 5 Zhan-Ch

Hello! Anyone who likes to spend time with benefit, welcome to kat!
Last spring a package came with a good Rubik's Cube. This cube collects a large number of speedcubers (people who collect the Rubik's Cube for speed)

The parcel was packed in a cardboard box. In it lay the cube itself, removable stickers and a plastic card with the number of the cube (confirming that the cube is original).

Big photo

The cube is made of nice material. The corners cut well, but there was no need to atrocities. The cube was not greased, so if you buy a cube, lubricate it before you start collecting (Lubricating the cube speeds up its rotation, makes movements smoother and speeds up the assembly process).
Build speed record

And here is the cube itself. I apologize for being slightly scratched (review is done 6 months after purchase).

If anyone is interested in what a cube consists of

The cube crunches during intensive assembly. The quality material. There is no smell. The surface is glossy. No deburring plastic, it’s clear that they are doing a thing, not bullshit for $ 2
+ price
+ quality of materials and assembly
I have not found any cons yet.
It's time to take stock!
The cube is excellent for its price, for half a year I was not disappointed in it! It spins well, cuts corners well. Assembly speed increases several times. I advise you to buy. Thanks to all!
Cube test video

Unpacking a cube