Programmable Remote Control. Nowhere is easier!

In the life of every person comes a momentwhen the accumulated number of remotes crosses a critical point and you need to combine some remotes with each other so as not to completely dig into them. Here is one of the options for solving this problem.
What does a person usually need in front of the TV? Turn it on / off, adjust the volumeand switch channels. Several buttons on one remote control. Everything is simple. When digital television is wedged into this process, another remote control appears (yes, I have an old TV without a built-in T2 tuner).
Still infuriated in this situation, stupid behaviornative remote control from the T2 tuner. He worked with new batteries with a very sharp angle of attack of the LED on the tuner. 20 cm to the left, right, up and that's it. I had to press the button several times and look for a suitable remote control position, which was inconvenient.
15 minutes of searching on Aliexpress and the order is placed. 22 days on the road and the remote control in hand.
Dimensions: 174x29X20 mm.
Power Type: 2x AAA batteries.
Number of Buttons: 6

Remote Control Photos:

Conveniently. It lies well in the hand, does not creak, plastic is durable and pleasant to the touch. No flash at the edges is felt, the buttons are large, resilient, pressed with a pleasant effort, when pressed, the diode lights up at the top of the remote control (I will not say that this is an advantage. Care will need to be taken to reduce its brightness).
Dimensions for comparison with home remotes:

Programming the remote control buttons is simple, just one, two, three:
- Press the power and channel up button on the universal remote control. (LED blinked)
- Press the programming button on the universal remote control (the LED lights up constantly, waiting for a signal)
- Press and hold the corresponding button on the original remote (after receiving the command, the diode blinks)
- Repeat this six times.
- To complete the training, press the power and channel up button on the universal remote control. (LED goes out) or wait 10 seconds.
All buttons are configured, you can delay the originalremotes to the side and enjoy this magic wand. The IR LED is quite powerful and the lens sticks out of the housing so that you can send the signal in the opposite direction and the tuner with the TV will accept it without any problems.
Switching errors are not observed, the family quickly got used to the new assistant.
Thank you for reading my mini-review.
Unboxing video and learning process: