Belt for attaching any child seat (and not only) to the car seat

Probably, all European motorists with children are aware of the ISOFIX system for attaching child seats to special brackets in the rear seats of cars.
Such seats in Russian conditions are much more expensive than ordinary, simple ones, which are simply put on the seat and fastened with a standard seat belt.
Seats with ISOFIX are good in that they hold tight, do not "crawl" over the seat, and generally hold the chair mechanically very reliably.
But the world of child seat mounts on one ISOFIX wedge did not converge.
There is an American counterpart - latch. From the side of the car, these are exactly the same brackets in the back seat, but the mating part of the car seat is slightly different. In the latch system, there is no lower metal frame for the chair and there are no slats with special carabiners, and BELTS are used with the same special carabiners as ISOFIX.

Pros compared to isofix:
1. The belt is elastic and smooths out a sharp jerk upon impact, which reduces the overload transmitted to the child.
2. The car seat saves in weight of 1.5-2 kilograms.
3. Cheaper.
4. It has greater compatibility with various cars.
From a security point of view, the latch system is not inferior to the isofix system. The Latch mount was developed in 2001 in the USA.
Having an ordinary child seat purchased on Avitofor 1000 rubles (used), he preoccupied himself with a more reliable method of attaching it to the seat. Now it is, when there is no baby in it, and when not fastened, it simply lies on the seat.

I wanted this chair to be firmly attached to the seat so that it does not hang.
The mick’s shop from Aliexpress came to my aid.
8 bucks, a month of waiting, and now I am the owner of a belt for a reliable seat fastening, and I also ordered an ordinary seat belt extender there.
In the next photo he is on top.

When a child seat is installed, it is not convenient to reach and stick the latch into the lock, especially in winter, when everyone is dressed, and especially in a cramped car.
Such extension cords are available for different machines of differentsizes, In my car the width of the lock insert is 24.5 mm. More often on sale are cheaper with a smaller size. It once seemed to me that all the belts in all the cars of the world are the same, but having made measurements on time, even before the order, I secured myself from an incorrect purchase, which is what I wish you.
But back to the seat belt. It is of good quality, durable, made with dignity, the length is easily adjustable, like in an airplane belt.

It’s necessary to attach the seat “anchor” on top, and then everything will be super clear.
To reduce the load on the main mount and limit the angular movement of the child seat, the Isofix and Latch systems have a belt with a so-called “anchor” mount,
which holds the top of the back of the chair. When installed on a car, the carabiner is threaded into a special eye (bracket) that is on the back of the seat.
It is believed that the top should be anchored, but thisif the child is wearing seatbelts. If the child is older (from 13 kg), then the chair is already of an adult type, and he is already fastened with car seat belts, and then the anchor is NOT NECESSARY.
The goods were bought with their hard-earned money, noI have no interest in advertising. This is just an attempt to expand your knowledge in the field of fastening child seats in the car. As it turned out, not everyone knows about a cheap and no less reliable alternative to ISOFIX.
And ISOFIX is promoted by marketers and sellers as the only possible and correct solution.
PS: Now there is no $ 8, there is for 12.5
Here is a link to the 8-dollar one, maybe they will appear again:
PPS: They arranged a holivar in the comments, instead of calmly treating the described product.