Detachable sunglasses goggle pad

Greetings to you, reader!
I present to you an overview of the universal sunscreens for glasses.
The life of a short-sighted person in Siberia is full of insidious surprises and surprises.
The summer is in the yard, therefore, consider summer tricks.
Actually, the problem is basically one ...

Often, while driving, neither a sun visor nor ... a sun visor can save. Having become interested in optics for the cost of dioptric sun-protection lenses, I was a little depressed.

The price tag was very high.
Of course, as an option, you can wear ordinary, sunglasses (as I sometimes do) in a compartment with lenses. But, it is not always convenient and affordable. In addition, I do not really like lenses, to be honest.
So I drew attention to such an overlay onordinary glasses. I remember, once, in the early nineties, my father had similar ones. I ordered a couple, classic and aviators. The classics arrived faster, and I’ll write about it. The package drove for almost a month. Ordered 10.06.15, received in Barnaul 07/09/15
A needle in an egg, an egg in a duck, a duck in a hare, A HARE IN SHOCK!
In a pimple bag, a plastic bag, in which there is a case, in which a subject.
Nobody is interested in the yellow pimple bag. An urn almost swallowed him. A plastic bag is also not a matter of delight.
The case for the subject looks like this.

And here’s the pad itself, I’ll call her, for convenience, a device

more types

In this device, the mounting device has a slightly monstrous appearance, towering above the bridge of the nose.
We do not pursue style; functionality is important to us
That's what my glasses look like

Let's try a device for glasses o_o

a couple more species
It can be seen that part of the lens is not blocked from below. But, this is an insignificant moment.

Trying on me
Standard view

I need your clothes and motorcycle

If you need to improve visibility, for example in a dark room, it is not necessary to remove the device from the glasses. You can, for example, bend them at an angle of 90 degrees, like a visor. The view is funny ...

... or even bend 180 degrees

What for? Yes, the goblin knows him, probably there is no need, but there is such an opportunity!
The simplest test for polarization device passed. When you look through it at the smartphone screen, the colors are distorted, when you turn the device 90 degrees, the picture on the smartphone fades tightly.
The device was purchased at the most affordable price, "for trial." In general, everything suits. For “aviators” coming to me, the fastening devices are much more aesthetic and do not bulge so high.
Thanks for attention!
PS: Dear readers. Thanks for the tips and warnings, but ...
As I indicated above, I have contact lenses (for different occasions). I have normal sunglasses.
I do not suffer and do not suffer. Buying this device is a conscious choice based on a combination of factors that are present in my life to one degree or another.
I do not intend to do laser vision correction, for a number of reasons that are of no interest to anyone except me.
The only availability test available so farI performed polarization in front of the monitor, the overlay showed the same effect as ordinary sunglasses. I can’t tell you exactly about the UV400; do you know how to check? I will be grateful.
Price for lenses for glasses with a dimming effect,or simply dark in a compartment with all their parameters (astigmatics and other differences) made them so far inaccessible to me. I have good lenses in everyday glasses, this is enough.
The device does not create additional burden on the bridge of the nose. He is almost weightless.
The second device ordered has much moremodest fasteners and a larger size that covers the entire lens of ordinary glasses. If he likes more, I will order more yellow ones for evening and night driving. GovGore-xenon, not configured according to the rules of the headlights and agro-tuning tumanok / DRL shining in all directions sometimes very annoying when driving in the dark.