Ulefone Power 2 smartphone: phone review with Aliexpress

After the announcement of the release of K6000 with the prefix PRO,Almost immediately, an announcement appeared about the release of the second version of the Power smartphone from Ulefone. In addition to 4 GB of RAM and 64 GB of internal memory, the smartphone equipped with a more energy-efficient processor MT6750T from MediaTek, as well as a metal case and the new Android 7.0. What came of this, please read on.
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? CHARACTERISTICS Processor Type: MediaTek MT6750T
Clock (Mhz): 1,500
RAM (Mb): 4096
ROM Size (GB): 64
Battery capacity (mAh): 6,050
Operating System: Android 7.0
Phone: GSM (850, 900, 1800, 1900), LTE (800, 900, 1800, 2100, 2600), UMTS (900, 2100)
Bluetooth: 4.0
Wi-Fi: 802.11a, b, g, n
Screen Size: 5.5 "
Screen Resolution (px): 1080 x 1920
Screen Type: IPS
Video Accelerator: Mali-T860 MP2
Rear Camera (MP): 13
Autofocus: Yes
Photo flash: Yes
Front Camera (MP): 8
Speaker: mono
Headphone Out: 3.5
Other: FM radio; G-Sensor Gyroscope; Light sensor; Proximity sensor; Digital compass; The fingerprint scanner
Memory Cards: microSD, microSDHC, microSDXC
Connectors: USB host / OTG, microUSB
Dimensions (WxHxT, mm): 77.6 x 155.01 x 9.9
Weight (g): 210
? PACKING AND PACKAGING 8 days after dispatch, DHL courier brought me a small bag

Extra thick cardboard boxprotection, in general, is not necessary. Box with a smartphone, something. Reminded me of a box from OnePlus One. I am glad that they did not use the box “for all occasions”, in which only the sticker with the model name changes.

The proverb about a meeting on clothes in China is definitely known, since the smartphone is the flagship model in the Ulefone hierarchy, then the “clothes” should also be suitable.

Under the "double bottom" is a compartment for accessories and other waste paper.

General equipment.


A USB-microUSB cable, with a nice soft touch coating, for data transfer or recharging a smartphone.

They did not skimp and put an OTG cable in the kit for the smartphone.

Charger with a European plug. Able to produce 5/7/9 Volts and 2.0 Amperes, or 12 Volts, but with 1.5 Amperes.

I was not able to switch the tester to 7-9-12V,so I had to be content with tests at 5V. As a result, 5V and the maximum that we managed to squeeze out is 2.4A. When charging a smartphone, the tester showed 9.39V and 2.05A. So that the characteristics written by the manufacturer can be considered honest. Full charge in the area of ​​2.5 hours.

A paper clip was hidden in the instruction compartment to open the SIM card tray

Instead of the usual protective film, the manufacturer equipped the Power 2 with a protective glass.

Another bonus is a ring with a pad. Convenient contraption if you often do not let go of your smartphone in public transport.

Glue, using double-sided tape, the pad to the back of the smartphone or case, and now it's easier to break a finger than drop the smartphone.

They didn’t forget about the protective bumper. The skin of a young crocodile with an embossed Ulefone logo is pasted on the back.

The smartphone itself is protected from scratches by protective films on the front and back.

? APPEARANCE Nothing in the appearance of the smartphonespecial and no, it looks, in practice, like hundreds of brothers from China. Unfortunately, the times of unique phones are probably over. A screen with a diagonal of 5.5 inches, and a slight rounding like 2.5D is present, but I would call it rather 2.2D, so it is insignificant. Like most Chinese smartphones, the effect of "framelessness" is achieved by the dark theme of the launcher.

Unlike the first version, where only the frame was metal, in the second version the entire back was made metal.

At the bottom is a microUSB port, a microphone hole, and a speaker. To the credit of the manufacturer, they did not begin to trick and make fake-stereo.

In the upper part there is a lonely port for connecting 3.5 jack headphones.

Since the smartphone is quite thick, for greater convenience, the sidewalls are made rather truncated-rounded.

On the right side of the smartphone are a metal on / off button and a volume rocker.

On the left side was a tray for SIM cards and microSD.

You can insert either two nanoSIM or one nanoSIM and one microSD memory card into the tray. Although some craftsmen, while grinding plastic of SIM cards and memory cards, manage to insert two SIM cards and a memory card.

On the back side is a 16 (13) megapixel camera and a not-so-bright flash LED. An additional microphone for noise reduction, unfortunately, is missing.

At the bottom is the only touchbutton, it's a fingerprint scanner. It’s a little strange that they didn’t do additional buttons for the “menu” and back, because there is a place to the right and left of the central button.

At the top of the display is an 8 (5) megapixel camera, an indication LED, a speaker, a light and proximity sensor.

The LED indicator is on / blinking either blue (missed call, SMS or email) or red (low charge or smartphone charging).

Although the frames around the display are called small, I don’tI can, but I liked the IPS display itself. With a resolution of 1920 * 1080 and 480 dpi, no graininess is observed, the colors are bright and juicy. Viewing angles are also very good, there is no image distortion.

The weight of the smartphone is 211 grams.

And the dimensions are 74.5 * 154.7 * 10.6 millimeters.

? MENU AND INFOSmartphone works on the new version of Android - 7.0. At the same time, the launcher by Ulefone is a little customized.

All the necessary programs for the normal operation of the smartphone are already installed. To the surprise of unnecessary software, the Chinese manufacturer has not installed.

The menu of the 7th Android is a little, but different fromprevious versions. For convenience and quick start, the last items that the user interacted with are displayed at the very top. Swiping to the right opens the side curtain with menu items.

There is the possibility of wireless software updates, but so far the manufacturer has not released any updates since 03/31/2017.

As I wrote at the beginning, there is never much memory,therefore, the manufacturer supplied the smartphone with 4 GB of RAM, on average, 2.5 GB or 65% of which is free. In addition, 54.10 GB of internal memory for installing programs or multimedia is available for the needs of the owner.

Users can be added or removed, as desired.

Of the additional features in the smartphone menuYou can enable or disable the circle of system profiles, such as games, reading, etc. Or customize handwritten gestures to quickly open selected programs.

If necessary, you can turn on the "wheel" quick access for those who find it problematic to reach the "curtain" with your finger.

Additional settings for movements and strokes.

Unlocking with double tap and strokes on the turned off display, also available.

To run multiple programs with differentaccounts such as Skype, weechat, etc., the Parallel Space program is installed. I don’t need to run programs under different accounts, so I didn’t get into the details of the work.

The fingerprint scanner in 99 cases out of 100 unlocks the smartphone, it works pretty well, but subject to the introduction of fingerprints one finger a couple of times.

The shutter supports swipe and you can switch to additional shortcuts if they do not have enough space on the main "desktop".

It was not in vain that the manufacturer equipped the OTG smartphone with an adapter; the smartphone recognized the connected USB flash drive without any problems.

Although the smartphone has a battery with a capacity of 6050 mAh, Ulefone did not want to share its energy as a bank.

The battery test from Antutu issued 9683 parrots, having worked for more than 9 hours.

Which is equivalent to about 10 hours of online video viewing at maximum brightness and sound.

Root was not originally installed, you need to mine it yourself.

DrWeb did not find various Chinese trojans and backdoors.

The smartphone has a dual-band WiFi module 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz.
The signal strength of the router in one room and through two concrete walls is 2.4 GHz.

Check for 5.0 GHz.

5.0 GHz, surprisingly does not give out speeds even higher than 75 Mb / s, however, and from 2.4 GHz I expected speeds in the region of 50 mb / s.

But to the work of the GPS module I have nono complaints. A cold start in the region of 3-5 seconds and the first satellite was found, then GPS and Glonass got picked up quite quickly, so the track does not break and does not lose connection with the satellites.

Usually stuck in a smartphone to the maximum memory, andadding a couple more cores, the manufacturer saves on various sensors and sensors in the smartphone. But Ulefone decided differently, and provided Power 2 with a good set. Everything is available except pressure and temperature sensors.

Multi-touch display supports up to 5 simultaneous touches.

Information about the smartphone by means of Hardware Info.

Information about the smartphone using Aida64.

Information about the smartphone by means of Droid Info.

? BENCHMARKS Write / read speed of the built-in memory 113/132 Mb / s.

In Antutu, the smartphone is gaining 43083 parrots, not very much, as for the flagship in the manufacturer's lineup.

Benchmark from GFX OpenGl.

Geekbench averages, but the parrots almost caught up with the OnePlus One.

Benchmark from Vellamo.

375 parrots from IceStorm.

An old Quadrant gave out 14,642 parrots.

Epic Citadel benchmarks in the best quality show 38.4 fp / s.

There are no problems with games, the GPU power is enough for a hassle-free game in various 3D games.

? CAMERA The main camera is 16 megapixels and the selfie camera is 13 (I suspect interpolation from 13 and 8, respectively).

In good light, the pictures are good.

Autofocus works with a slight delay, but works out well.

But panoramic shots are not a fountain, as for me, there is not enough sharpness.

Video example.

Sources of photos and videos - goo.gl/CVyV92

? TOTAL To the advantages of Power 2 I can attribute a goodI think the package bundle, the “finger” ring from the kit is much better than the 99% terrible quality headphones. The case, glass and OTG in the bonus is also nice. The main advantage is the capacious battery, in which you can watch the movie for 7 hours and then use the phone for another half day without any problems. But the minus comes from this, the smartphone turned out to be quite thick. For better ergonomics, however, the sidewalls are quite rounded, but in the hand, anyway, the thickness of this smartphone is felt. In another minus, I’ll take the lack of the ability to recharge another smartphone, but the battery is not 10000 mAh, but 6050 mAh is not enough. I’ll take GPS as a plus, it works fine, but I expected more from WiFi. The screen is also a plus, bright and juicy, but also a minus - this is the lack of touch buttons near the center. In general, the central button, when pressed for a long time, behaves like a menu button, a short press is “home” and a button swipe is back, but you need to get used to it. 4 GB of RAM and 54 GB of available internal memory is enough for the normal operation of the smartphone. The benchmark results, of course, can not be compared with the flagships of the TOP manufacturers, but the price is not like that of those flagships.