Smartphone Ulefone Power II (5.5 ″, 4/64 GB, 6050mAh, MT6750T)

Today in the review is a smartphone with a "big"6050 mAh battery with support for Pump Express + fast charging technology, with a good memory reserve, both operational 4GB and main 64GB. All this works on the Android 7 OS.
Details under the cut
The smartphone is presented in three colors

Smartphone comes in a nice box.

Despite the small box, the equipment is quite rich

Package Contents 1. Smartphone
2. Charger
3. usb-microusb cable
4. A clip from a tray of sim cards
5. Instruction
6. Protective glass
7. Plastic bumper
8. Ring on the finger
9. OTG adapter

Pump Express + Fast Charger


The smartphone case is made of metal (top andthe bottom insert is plastic), the device has a good assembly, the buttons do not ring, the SIM card tray does not protrude, etc. A smartphone by today's standards is a thick 10mm, as well as a heavy 210 grams. At first, I was not used to using it, and then, after a while, it got better, but I still feel the weight and thickness.

On the right side is the power button and volume buttons. Surprisingly, they are not metal, but plastic.

On the left side is a tray for applying cards / memory cards

On the front side, above the display, the front camera, speaker grill, proximity sensor, light sensor, event indicator (3 colors).

Under the display there is a fingerprint sensor and it is also a touch button back and the launch of the latest applications.

Fingerprint sensor works well, no complaints.
Bottom microusb connector with OTG support, speaker, microphone. The main speaker is of normal quality, but for the money I would like better, the sound is flat.

Top 3.5mm headset jack

The sound in the headphones is quite normal.
The rear camera is 16 megapixels and an LED flash.

Photo in the complete bumper

Display Installed IPS matrix with FullHD resolution /
The display is bright, good color saturation. The maximum brightness is good, the minimum is also comfortable when using a smartphone in the dark. Additionally, in the settings there is an option Eye Protection, which reduces the blue spectrum of the radiation of the display.
The viewing angles are expectedly good, I have not come across smartphones priced more than $ 130 with poor displays.

The display has no air gap (OGS),2.5D gorilla glass 3 glass is used (according to the manufacturer). The oleophobic coating is good, the finger glides perfectly, prints are erased easily. The touchscreen is responsive, 5 touches.
Checking the oleophobic coating

Information about the hardware. Performance. Tests.
The smartphone scored 44 thousand points in antitude


3D Mark, PC Mark

Geekbench 4

Epic citadel

Memory test

Supported Sensors

I checked the smartphone in games, first I installed asphalt 8, at maximum settings everything works fine

High quality graphics settings are also available in world of tank.
The fps meter shows 40-45 frames, sometimes dropping briefly to 30.

The phone is not subject to special heat and performance is not reduced.
Navigation system
The phone supports GPS and Glonass satellites
Navigation works well, connects to satellites quickly.
I recorded the track, everything was recorded exactly as I was driving, excellent results. There are no comments.

Communication quality and wireless interfaces
With the quality of communication, everything is fine, the interlocutor hears me well. The volume and quality of the speaker is good.
The smartphone supports 2G, 3G and 4G networks.
Supported frequencies

Wifi module dual band 5 and 2.4 GHz
5 GHz test (the first screenshot in a meter from the router, the second through 3 brick walls)

2.4 GHz test (the first screenshot in a meter from the router, the second through 3 brick walls)

Operating systemAndroid 7.0 is installed on the smartphone. The system is clean, without any Chinese applications. Of the differences from the “pure” android, these are redrawn icons and all sorts of gestures are added.

There have not been updates yet, but in the VK group you can apply for test updates, so that in the near future, all users will receive the update.

The main "chip" of the smartphone is a battery capacity of 6050 mAh.
The phone claims support for fast charging Pump Express +, and it works correctly. The phone is charged from 9V with a current of 2A, charging time in this mode is from 0 to 100 in 2.5 hours.

Battery test in geekbench 3

For verification I used online playbackfull hd video (via wifi) at a brightness of 75% (although you can do less in the room). The battery lasted for 12 hours. If the brightness is reduced, then I think it will be 15 hours.

The phone sleeps well, it takes 3-4% of the battery charge per night.
The battery lasts for a couple of days of active use, or for 3-4 days is not very active. Each has its own usage scenario.
The main camera is 16 megapixels, f / 2.2 (the manufacturer does not report the matrix model)
Camera settings are standard Google.
Samples of photos from the main camera (download original)

In general, a good camera, most users will approve it.
Frontal too normal

Dismantled the smartphone to see (and show you) the stuffing

In general, the smartphone is normal, I did not find any problems, everything works as it should. A good battery, sufficient 4/64 memory, the camera is also not bad.
The choice, of course, is yours! Thanks for attention!