UMIDIGI C Note Smartphone (5.5 ″ fullhd, 3/32 GB, 3800 mAh)

Not so long ago I did a review on a umi z smartphone, heI liked my appearance, but did not like the price. And Umidigi has released a new smartphone in the same case, with a weaker filling and a much lower price.
For details I ask under kat

The smartphone comes in an interesting cardboard box.

There is a sticker on the box with the specifications

one. Smartphone
2. Charger
3. usb-microusb cable
4. A clip from a tray of sim cards
5. The instruction in English
6. Silicone bumper
7. Screen protector

The usb cable is apparently now fashionable to do in red

The body of the smartphone is made entirely of metal,the device has an excellent assembly, the buttons do not ring, the SIM card tray does not stick out and does not play. The phone, despite 5.5 ", lies well in the hand and does not slip out.

On the right side - the power button and volume buttons

On the left side is a tray for applying cards / memory cards

On the front side, above the display, the front camera, speaker grill, proximity sensor, light sensor, event indicator (red and green)

Under the display is a fingerprint sensor Touch ID 2.1 and it is also a touch button home.

What I liked is that umiI made not only the on-screen buttons, but provided a choice, either on-screen or physical - which are located on the left and right of the fingerprint sensor, but are not indicated in any way. That's right, there is a choice for users as they prefer.

The fingerprint sensor works well, saved 2 different fingers in the memory, everything works fine.

Below is a micro usb connector and two grilles, a speaker on the right and a microphone on the left. The main speaker is of normal quality, but worse than the model Z.

In the Z model on the case there is a groove which is polished, but in the reviewed smartphone the groove is not polished.


Top 3.5mm headset jack

The sound in the headphones is good, but I would like better for the money. The same snapdragon 650 produces the best sound.
The rear camera is 13 megapixels, and near it isLED two color flash. It’s good that they didn’t put two cameras, which are no good, but they would affect the cost. Of plastic, only gray thin strips for antennas.

Installed IGZO matrix with FullHD resolution from Sharp (according to the manufacturer).
The display is bright, very good color saturation, somewhat reminiscent of amoled displays. I really liked the display.
Viewing angles are also good.

The display has no air gap (OGS),Dragontrail 2.5D glass is used (according to the manufacturer). The oleophobic coating is good, the finger glides perfectly, prints are erased easily. The touchscreen is responsive, 5 touches.
Checking the oleophobic coating

Information about the hardware. Performance. Tests. In antitude, the smartphone scored almost 40 thousand points.


3D Mark, PC Mark

Geekbench 4

Epic citadel

Supported Sensors

Memory test

I checked the smartphone in games, first I installed asphalt 8, at maximum settings everything works fine

High quality graphics settings available in world of tank

fps meter shows about 20 frames

With medium settings - 40-50 frames

Navigation system
The phone supports GPS and Glonass satellites
Navigation works well, connects to satellites quickly.
I recorded the track, everything was recorded exactly as I was driving, excellent results. There are no comments.

Communication quality and wireless interfaces
With the quality of communication, everything is fine, the interlocutor hears me well. The volume and quality of the speaker is good.
The smartphone supports 2G, 3G and 4G networks.
Supported frequencies

Wifi module dual band 5 and 2.4 GHz
5 GHz test (the first screenshot in a meter from the router, the second through 2 brick walls)

2.4 GHz test (the first screenshot in a meter from the router, the second through 2 brick walls)

operating system
The smartphone has Android 7.0 installed. The system is clean, without any Chinese applications. Of the additions added all sorts of gestures. Anyone who loves a clean android will love it :)

There was one update, maybe there will be more.

13MP main camera, Samsung S5K3L8 sensor, 5-element optics, LED two-color flash, phase detection autofocus;
In the 5MP front camera, the GC5005 sensor
Camera settings are standard Google.

Samples of photos from the main camera

The quality of the camera is quite normal.
Frontal is also not bad

The smartphone has a non-removable 3800 mAh Li-Polymer battery.
It is easily enough for a day of active use or for a couple of days of average.
Unfortunately, the phone does not have fast charging. The phone is charged from 5V with a current of 1.35A. And the smartphone is charged in this mode from 0 to 100 for about 4 hours.

Battery test results in geekbench 3

When playing online video via WIFI in FullHD quality with a display brightness of 50%, the battery lasted for 8 hours

The phone sleeps well, it takes 3-4% of the battery charge per night

A little filling

For $ 130 (and soon I think even less) we get a good smartphone, with good build, cool display, good appearance and sufficient autonomy.
There should be a red phone on sale, it looks more fun.

Thanks for attention! I hope the review will help to make the right choice!