LED lamp H4

In this review, I will talk about LED lamps inH4 base for car and motorcycle. These are the first lamps I have tested that have a curtain, due to which the light-shadow border of this lamp in the dipped beam should be identical to the halogen lamp. Read in more detail below.

First, as usual, about packaging and packaging. On one lamp, I signed contacts for the convenience of testing, please do not pay attention to this. The lamps are delivered in a rigid white cardboard box, inside of which are two lamps and an instruction with a piece of paper for the store’s logo. The manual features and a few pictures with recommendations for installing these paws. Pay attention to the type of anther for the H4 lamp, it does not completely cover the lamp and there is enough space for air intake. Further, when I install my boot, I will say a few words about this.

The lamps are made in an aluminum casing, whichIn combination, it is also a radiator. There is a fan inside the lamp housing. LEDs are located on the top of the lamp on both sides of the printed circuit boards.

Five SCP-LEDs under the curtain should repeatdimensions of a spiral of a halogen lamp. These five LEDs are responsible for dipped beam. Typically, in such lamps, 3 or 4 LEDs are installed under the curtain, in this case both the curtain and the LEDs themselves take about the same amount of space as the spiral of a halogen lamp and its curtain occupy. Here, both the spiral and the curtain are slightly larger than that of a halogen lamp. A little lower, a large LED is responsible for the main beam.

The store stated that in this lamp, inAs the LED responsible for the main beam, the CREE-XHP-50 LED is used, the same marking is indicated on the printed circuit board on which it is located. True or not, I will not argue, but I will give a link to the characteristics of the XHP-50 LEDs. Datasheet XHP-50
But according to the seller, he contacted the manufacturer and they confirmed that he uses the CREE LED. But dipped diodes are not krishny.
The store announced the following parameters:
Power Consumption: 40 W
Luminous Flux: 8000LM
Operating Voltage: DC 12-24V
Degree of protection: IP67
Color Temperature: 6500K
LED Lifetime: 50,000CH

The dimensions of the lamp are slightly larger than the standard halogen. Its length is 101.2 mm. In this case, the lamp has a weight of 55.2 g.
Usually in similar lamps have a very wideoperating voltage range, so I suggested that 24V is not the maximum permissible operating voltage, but the voltage of the on-board network. Therefore, when measuring power consumption, depending on the voltage of the on-board network, I tested the lamp in the range from 6 to 30V. I brought the measurement results to a table.

From the table you can see that the average power consumption for both low and high beams is almost the same and is approximately 24W.

For clarity, I built graphs using tabular data. The X axis is voltage in Volts, the Y axis is power consumption in Watts. The red line corresponds to the dipped beam, the blue line to the far beam.
The next thing I did was measure the maximumtemperature of the LEDs of the lamp and built heating schedules. During operation of the LEDs responsible for the dipped beam, their maximum temperature was 125.1 ° C. The maximum temperature of the LEDs responsible for the main beam was 100.5 ° C. This can be seen in the following thermograms. I don’t know why lamp manufacturers allow such a high temperature. But on some Russian-made lamps, the seller openly said that the temperature of the crystal during operation was 135 degrees (I don’t remember the exact value now, but it was about that).

Thermograms with a temperature scale

During testing, the lamp was in a small cardboard box, in size, approximately framed inside the headlamp.
In the following graph, you can see the lamp heating process. The tests were carried out at a voltage of 14V. We see that the lamp reaches a steady temperature in about 8 minutes.

Lamps I will test on a motorcycle. And these are the first LED lamps I tested, which I normally could install in my headlight. Usually either the lock was not fastened or the anther was not dressed, but more often both of these shortcomings were present at the same time. Here I did not find such problems. But to install these lamps, I still had to remove the front plastic with a headlight.

I will say right away that you should be with anthermore accurately. It is assumed that air will be drawn through the slots in the rear wall of the lamp, if they are closed with a duster, the cooling efficiency will decrease and the temperature of the LED crystals will increase. However, the situation can be partially saved by the holes located around the perimeter of the lamp housing.

In order to compare the brightness of an LED lamp with a standard halogen lamp, I will compare the illumination created by these lamps.

We see that the LED lamp is much brighter than the halogen lamp. Then, as usual, I was going to look at the light-shadow border and saw that it was finally there.

Therefore, I decided to go to the inspection station and test the lamp on specialized equipment.

My headlight is tuned to a halogen lamp ifjust replace it with an LED, then the light-shadow border turns up a little pulled up. As you can see in this photo (just in case I attached a photo from two angles). According to the employee of the station, those inspecting the headlight with such a lamp can be customized. By the way, information is for those who cannot adjust their headlight reflectors in any way. This service costs only 150 rubles.

In the following picture, I compared this LED lamp with a standard halogen lamp when working in high and low beam.

To complete the picture, a video with an example of twolamps, LED and halogen, can be seen in the video version of the review, just below. If you read the review, then you can safely rewind the video at 3:50.
Despite the fact that the light-shadow borderrepeats the light-shadow border of a halogen lamp, I would recommend installing such lamps only in those headlights whose reflector is designed for installing LED lamps in it.
Well, as usual, the video version of the review:

That’s all for me.
I hope the review was useful to you.