Such a great nice chinese sweater

Good day to all! Finally, my orders began to arrive with Ali, and at the right time, it got very cold outside.
The first package is a navy oversize sweater. Let's take a closer look at him ...
Two words about oversize style

The package reached me in 27 days. The packaging is ordinary - a gray bag on the outside and transparent inside.
What I first pay attention to when I open a package from China is the smell. There doesn’t smell of anything outsiders, sniffed.
The sweater is very pleasant to the touch, soft. The seller stated in the description that this is a chop, it’s hard for me to say, there is not a single tag or piece of paper on the product itself.
He's big from the side, right? But cheerfully looking through multi-colored strings.

Knitting is a good, nice pattern.
Take a closer look

I can say that the photos on the seller’s page fully correspond to the product. The back of the sweater is longer (covers everything you need)) than the front, almost 10 cm.
The sleeves are not short, which pleased me, for height 170 - I sat perfectly.

A couple of pictures on me, I hope you can consider something, we have dark night and day, autumn = (
all by myself yes by myself

Buy or not - of course, you decide =)
The seller has a couple of cool colors, but I did not take risks, took a dark color, I will dig beds)))