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Hello everybody. Today I will tell you about one of my favorite purchases on Ali. This is a warm T-shirt, which I have been using for two months. It copes with its task, and this is important. I ask for cat.
I bought it on a fortunate occasion in group purchases for $ 4.99. And I have no regrets about the money spent.
The shirt was bought specifically for the winter period. I do not like to get sick and therefore in winter I try to dress as warm as possible.
The declared material: cotton, silk. I can’t say anything about this, there were no labels. I can only say that the material is quite elastic. It stretches weakly in height and strong in width.
Inside the shirt is a different material, it is fleecy and warm).
The size was only “Free” - I ordered it.
To my surprise, the size of XXXL was indicated on the shirt and on the package in which she came. Imagine how scared I was))).
I expected that the T-shirt would sit tight on me, but, to my regret, it sits in the usual way (not tight and not loose).
Inconsistency in size caused medisappointment, and I opened the dispute, but after trying on the shirt several more times, I realized that it was of normal quality, and what difference does it make ... it’s still impossible to see it under my clothes ... I closed the dispute. The seller expressed his gratitude to me. I am glad that I came to this decision))).
Measurements of a T-shirt in a free state:
- length 56cm
- girth under the chest 71cm
- waist 66cm
- the bottom of the shirt is 77cm.
That's what she looks like. Front and back view:

In more detail:

View inside. In distant photos, for some reason, the material seems blurry, but close by you better consider it.

Frightening size:

Material photo near:

Well, a photo of the T-shirt on me:

At the expense of wearing. I wear a shirt exclusively on a bra. I tried on the topic, but then I'm not comfortable in it. But for the photo, I had to put a topic on a bra, I think it’s clear why.
In cold weather, the T-shirt saved me, but there were cases when, putting it on, the weather changed and I felt hot (I had to watch the forecast so as not to soar in the literal sense).
Advantages and disadvantages:
+ pleasant to the body
+ soft
+ heats
+ I was lucky with the price
- not skinny
- I can not wear a topic
I am happy with this purchase and recommend it.
Unfortunately, only at the end of the review I noticed that the product on my link has ended. I enclose links with a similar product:
I apologize for this jamb, but I think you can find it if you wish.
Kitty also likes to bask:

P.S. I hope everyone understands that basic clothes are worn over the shirt))).
Thank you for watching.