Thermal underwear Nature Hike - experience as an amateur hunter

Hello, Muscovites!
Another review from the “promised in the comments” series today will be about Nature Hike thermal underwear. I do the review 5 months after the purchase, as expected, after active and merciless operation.
As I wrote in past reviews, I have recently been carried away by fishing and hunting. In order not to harm the health of these hobbies, in the summer, it was decided to purchase thermal underwear.
The choice fell on Nature Hike and the aliexpress platform, now I don’t remember why it is so
The package arrived a month after payment, in a black plastic bag, moderately rumpled:

Everything looks extremely solid, well stitched, threads do not stick out anywhere. The outside of the thermal underwear is smooth, the wrong side is soft, not plush like wetsuits, but rather resembles fleece.
Shirt with long sleeves and decorative inserts in a different color:

In general, the seller has four options for this thermal underwear, these are two colors and each color is male and female. I chose black, but on the musk there is a review in gray.
There are no color inserts from the back:

The seams, as I wrote earlier, are high-quality, from washing and socks do not crumble. In the photo, the hem of the shirt is folded:

I bought size XXL / 185, at my height 183 and weight 100 kg. Pants, sleeves turned out to be short, but I decided that this was done specifically so as not to stick out from under the outer clothing.
The pants are sealed, which is very comfortable for me personally. The materials are completely the same as when sewing a shirt:

The gum does not press and does not fall, the seams do not rub, very comfortable.

The tag tells us that the material is 87% ofpolyester and 13% spandex. It forbids washing at temperatures above 40 degrees, use bleach and iron with iron above 110 degrees Celsius.

On the pants, by the way, the same decorative inserts as on the top of the kit:

The cuffs of the pants are narrowed at the ankle, they hold perfectly and do not crawl up the leg when running.

Now we turn to the subjective part of the review. I put on thermal underwear directly under the camouflage hunting suit bought in the decathlon (thick fabric and thin fleece lining). On top of the thermal underwear, I put on a long T-shirt, then a jacket. The T-shirt has exactly one function, while running through the woods while skiing, the shirt comes out of the pants and the lower back becomes open, and a long T-shirt does not allow this to happen.
The minimum temperature at whichgo hunting -15 degrees. The type of exploitation is very different, including multi-kilometer runs for a hare and several hours of standing in a room, on a moose hunt. I have never frozen!
Thermal underwear removes moisture well when you return to the hunting lodge for an overnight stay, you can squeeze out a cotton T-shirt (the one that I put on over the thermal box).
There is an idea to sew Velcro to connect the thermal pants with a thermal shirt, so that the cotton T-shirt is excluded from the equipment and the lower back is not exposed.
As a conclusion, I want to say that I recommend buying! especially considering that it is now 10 bucks cheaper than when I bought.
Also, please consider the fact that I have never used thermal underwear before, and there are probably better options.
photo from product description on aliexpress