Warm jeans for fall-winter

They were specially ordered by the fall, because in simple jeans it is not always comfortable. I didn’t steam with the color and took the blue ones. They arrived quickly, without any dispute with the seller.
The seams are excellent, no complaints, the Chinese worked hard.
Jeans are very warm. The inner material resembles fleece. Jeans themselves are thin, so they are not heavy.
It's hard on a hot day. The first cool morning (I need to clarify, I live in Irkutsk, for us the coolness of -2) was held with a bang. The wind does not break. They justify the price.
WARNING! Do not forget to compare your sizes with the tables located in EVERY product. I even have a textile meter :) With these jeans I forgot about the sizes and ordered a size smaller, gave it to my son, he just.