Trimmer for eyebrow correction, removal of unwanted hair on the face or elsewhere.

All my life I have only been doing that losing weight and growing my hair.
© Woman * and shave them))).
Unfortunately, not all hair that is on our body is desirable. Here is another device for smooth skin.
Why did I need this little thing? All my life I struggle with my eyebrows. They are black, thick and hard by nature. And I constantly try to pluck them, lay them, or even cut them partially. Sometimes one plucking does not help, you have to trim with scissors. So this little trimmer is designed just for this.
I ordered it at the end of November, came exactly throughmonth. The packaging was reliable (2 boxes, ordinary and factory). So, everything was preserved in its original form. Do not be ashamed and give, if I do not come in handy)))
This includes:

Warranty?!)) without a mark of course
the device itself with a cap
-4 nozzles
- brush
No batteries included!

Feature from seller’s page:
Manufacturer: Riwa some
Application: armpits, bikini, arms, legs, face
Power Type: Battery
Model Number: RF-351B
Batteries: AA type (not included)
Use in water: yes, all over the body
Quality: high- high))
Security: 100000%
Country of manufacture: China
Item Type: Hair Remover
Package Size: 17 * 7.5 * 4.5
Material: titanium blade + ABS
Shaving Type: Wet / Dry
Color: gold
Handle: Ergonomic
Nozzles: 2 plastic for hair length 5 mm / 8 mm
Voltage 1.5V-100mA
0.48 mm tooth height of a moving blade with rounded edges
13000 rpm
1.5 hours of use on one AA
In general, everything works. Nozzles perform their function.

For the best result, it is advisable to insert a good battery into the device, otherwise the power of a simple battery is not enough and the blades begin to jam.
With plastic nozzles, I did not get any result (even on the relatively long hair of my husband's eyebrows))It looks like they are “not working” ((
The main nozzle can be used as follows. Those girls with dark hair will understand))
Sometimes so

The second with a small blade - also for the eyebrows or in the nose (thrust, scroll, everything works, it doesn’t hurt)))
But it’s better, of course, not to take risks with shaving on your face, otherwise it will be even worse. Use for eyebrows is the best option. Well, I’m too lazy to pluck the hairs on the nose ...
For other purposes (arms, legs, armpits, deep bikini, etc.) the trimmer will not work - power and cutting surface are not enough.
Side view
I am glad that this trimmer will fit even in the smallest woman’s handbag. Going somewhere on a trip or on a hike, you can take it with you. Shaving machines look trite and unhygienic)) And this little thing is very cute and will help out in any emergency))
main nozzles shave (not perfectly smooth)
plastic nozzles - “do not work”
more suitable for shaving facial hair (eyebrows, “antennae”, etc.), and not on the whole body
Does not cause irritation (of course, everything is individual)
one ordinary battery is not enough for powerful work
even fit in your wallet))
The main nuances indicated, the choice is yours)
As an example of use