Black leather bag

Roomy bag with aliexpress made of "genuine" leather. Interested please under cat. (A lot of photos!)
For a long time I read redlightgreen, I use tips when shopping online.
In a recent review, I saw that the guy is tormented by conscience, that he himself does not write, only reads.
Then my conscience woke up, and he was born, my first review.

I chose for a long time and finally decided, especially since this seller constantly has promotions, and a bag instead of $ 50 costs $ 17, a huge number of positive reviews.
Of the three types and two colors, I chose a large black vertical bag (26x23x9 cm).

The seller sent it on the 5th day after payment (at the old rate I gave 848.93 rubles.)
Parcel path


What's in the box? A strap, some kind of card and ...
Oops! New service: the bag smells nothing, and the Chinese smell was sent in a separate hermetically sealed bag.

Unfolded strap length 132 cm

Convoluted 80 cm

Now look inside.
The seller indicated that the composition is natural andcomposite leather. Composite yes, but I didn’t find it in kind (comparative photos in the comments). Outside, the front and back walls cannot be distinguished from the valve, and inside the lining is sewn to the walls, so the structure of the material is not visible.

Front pocket without zipper. Deep and wide (A4 sheet wide)

The back is closed by a powerful metal zipper, opens easily, does not cling.

Inside, under the zipper are two large compartments and between them another one for documents under a separate zipper.

In the front large compartment there are pockets for telephone and cigarettes. Well included 4.7 "smartphone and 3.2" nokia (quite plump in thickness.)

In the back large compartment there is a hidden pocket with a small zipper

And now we’ll collect all of our stuff ...

... and put it in the bag

Not even swollen outside!

Try on: height 180 cm, belt in the longest position.

Empty bag weight 456 g.
Let's sum up:
- good capacity
- high-quality tailoring
- long belt
- lack of smell
- price
- lack of naturalness
- delivery month
I recommend buying for this price if you know what you are taking.
Well, and, by tradition, an animal.