Black and purple ties

Ties are an ambiguous thing, someone likes it, but for someone it’s just a noose around his neck. But be that as it may, a man in a suit and tie looks much more advantageous than a man in jeans and a T-shirt.
In ali, I often order cufflinks for my husband, this time I decided to look for ties, see if they differ from ties bought in stores
city ​​or not.
So, Gasltuk number 1.
I was looking for a tie for a black shirt. I opted for a black tie with small dots of white, black and gray colors.
A tie cost $ 5.85 (for that kind of money you can buy offline), I changed the coins in the mobile application to a coupon, as a result, I paid $ 2.85 with a coupon. Without a coupon, I see no reason to buy.
I ordered it on October 30, 2016, and received it only the next year, at the end of January. She thought she wouldn’t come at all. By the way, the parcel had a track.

The length of the tie is 146 cm, at the widest point - 7 cm. In principle, it matches the label. Material is polyester. There were no puffs or protruding threads.

Unfortunately, the seller no longer has such a tie. I leave a link to the store, suddenly something like it.
Tie number 2.
I was just looking for a purple tie. I decided to choose this, although the seller has other options for purple ties. Paid $ 3.90. The package was without a track. I ordered on sale 11.11. Received before the New Year.

Length 150 cm, at the widest point - 8 cm (seller’s dimensions are 148 cm and 8 cm, respectively). The material is microfiber, the seller has specified polyester. There were no sticking threads or puffs.

Outwardly, I did not notice any differences from those that can be bought in the city's store. So if the price is lower than offline, you can safely take it.
Here's a short review.