Colored stylus pens

A short review of how I decided to worry in advance about gifts for the new year and what came of it ...
We have such a tradition at work - to give gifts to each other on December 31 - all kinds of trinkets, etc. Based on the experience of orders for the new year, I decided to do it early, based on a 2-month delivery calculation. One of the main criteria for choosing gifts for my large team was price.
I ordered 20 pieces at once on September 6 and began to wait. However, I did not have to wait as long as I expected - on September 26 they had already arrived at me.
Packaging was standard - a bag with a pimply film inside (I didn’t take a photo - it makes no sense).
It just revealed one unpleasant inconsistency with the description on the site - the material is not metal, but medium-quality plastic (which is not surprising, based on the price).

The rest is very good: different bright colors and the ability to hook the stylus to a smartphone / tablet (to the audio jack 3.5).

When calculating, it turned out that the seller put 3 more - probably in the load))). The wife and son immediately chopped off a little thing for themselves, did not even have time to rebel.
I checked the performance: it is no different from expensive styluses - pens, the difference is only in convenience - this one is shorter, but it was quite normal for me, and it doesn’t take up much space.
There is only one conclusion: cheap and cheerful, for a small but stylish gift (well, for yourself of course) - this is just the time.