Figured gaiwan with a bowl for easy tea at work

Not so long ago carried away by Chinese teas, ordering witha colleague in a set of 30 different varieties of tea for aliexpress in small packages. Brewing in an ordinary cup was not very convenient, so after searching on Ali I came across an interesting option, but later I really found a couple of reviews on similar and on redlightgreen.
The device is a kind of teapot with a bowl, in which it is quite convenient to brew tea with straits.
On request “quick cup” (quick cup) orA “travel cup” search on aliexpress provides many different options for color, shape and price, respectively. I didn’t really want to take a colored one, because personally I like to evaluate the color of tea on a white background.
As a result of the search, the specified lot was selected,it’s true that a seller with a rather short history of sales and never ordered a quick-start machine itself, but since the eye focused on this option, I decided.
As clear from the description, there are white cupstwo types - glossy white and matte white with “cracks”. After paying for the cups (I ordered two, for myself and a colleague), I left a message asking you to send a white gloss (WHITE GLAZED COLOR).
Sent pretty quickly, the package reached me for about three weeks.

There were apparently adventures along the way, the box (from under the shoes) was pretty dented on the side:

When you open the box, the product is packed in several layers of bubbled polyethylene. I was worried that ceramics could crack, but it turned out to be quite strong and not thin:

I rolled my lip for a gift in the form of a small tea bag, but at the bottom of the box I found only a bag with a shoe logo, but oh well, there is tea at work.

As you can see in the first photo, they sent menot white gloss, but white with cracks. I didn’t matter at all, but if you order, keep in mind. Moreover, I wrote when placing an order and sent a personal message to which the seller replied OK.
The color of the cup is a little grayish, but it lookscool. The surface is homogeneous, without spots. The only thing at the bottom of the bowls is a rather dark point, but this is probably nit-picking (I don’t know much about ceramics, maybe this is the norm).

The openings in the teapot are not perfectly aligned, just like the fin, but I think it’s not a problem for tea drinking

The volume of the bowl is 70-80 ml (height about 5 cm, width about 7.5 cm)
The volume of the teapot is 100-110 ml (height about 5 cm, width about 9 cm)
In general, I can say that I am satisfied with the purchase, the high-speed guy looks the same as in the seller’s photo, no worse than live. Left a positive review.
Update for those who think that 80 ml is not enough. I will explain it not in kamenty, but here. Chinese teas are brewed several times, first for about a minute, then longer with each strait. As a result, in principle, a standard cup of tea is filling up. The taste of tea is quite rich, so it's nice to drink in small sips. If you brew in a large mug, it will turn out completely wrong, or the tea is weak, you will slurp a few large cups, or if you put a lot of tea, this is already too much, because There are quite strongly tonic teas.

Over time, cracks in the dishes become colored with the color of the tea you drink. The so-called effect of "antiquity"