Nice mouse pad

Sometimes you have to lug around with a laptop in different ways.places where it’s not very convenient to use the mouse. Sometimes it is a table, and sometimes oilcloth, cement and other not very pleasant surfaces
I wanted something colorful and unusual - monotonous. The seller had a choice of a lot of all kinds of images.
So the package arrived pretty quickly, within 10days. The packaging is ordinary, which unfortunately made me a little upset ... because during transportation the rug could sell under the pressure of something heavy, but nothing happened.

The size of the mat does not slightly match the seller’s
21.5 cm x 17.8 cm - in fact, it turned out 21.7 cm x 17.9 cm
Thickness about 2.5 mm
The smell is slightly, gives rubber, but if intight to bring to the nose. Everything is smooth and clear, without grease. The print itself is flawless and exactly the same as in the picture from the seller. The fabric is very soft and soft to the touch

The back surface is apparently made of some kind ofmixtures with rubber, as it shines a little. Tenacity with a surface of 100%! It was very important for me, since the rug will have to be used on different surfaces and it will not be very nice if it slides and goes there ... in general, it lies with the glove

The rug is just mega elastic. As I just did not squeeze it in my hands and did not fold it - it returns to its original form. It turned out to be a plus for me, too, since I would have to carry a rug in my bag all day, or even several. In general, as I understand it, the rug is not afraid of either bruising or creases ... I hope this will continue in the future

I consider the size to be the best for portability. It will be comfortable both with a small mouse and a large one. Places do not take much. The mouse slides comfortably, but control is not lost. I don’t know how this rug will be for avid gamers, but for people who are for work and leisure - a great solution. I played shooters a little on it, the controls are quite comfortable.

Why ask, did you choose a drawing with a cassette? I just love nostalgic and old school at my leisure