A kitchen apron, it's also the apron of Sexy Policewoman Printed Novelty Fashion Kitchen Cooking Home BBQ Apron Gift

Whoever lacks the "zest" in his personal life, I propose to colorize my life with the presence of an extravagant lady in my kitchen)))
What? You come home from work, and the wife already serves dinner at the parade)))
No, well, I personally certainly didn’t buy this apron for that. We are modest, only cakes in such ovens ... with my back to my husband)
For some reason, I decided to order, because before this attribute I didn’t have it in my wardrobe. I chose this one because ... because)
I ordered from another the seller this apron (along with pastry bags). It's a pity this store is not working yet. And there are no goods there.
But this package arrived quickly, in 3 weeks without a track.
It looks high quality. The print does not fade. The material is polyester. The fabric is dense. I expected thinner.Everything is sewn neatly.

Measurements, as the seller promised
In general, I liked the apron. It is wide enough, covers all the clothes. The upper ribbon is long for me, a small knot is tied in the back. I am satisfied.
The husband is not very. He says the print is rather thin))))
He wants, doesn’t want, but ...
So now I will always look!)))
I advise everyone! Very good as a gift)