Machine for slicing apples (and other fruits / vegetables) 3 in 1. We clean, chop, harvest apple chips for the future

About this device, it is quite possible to declare in the style of a circus entertainer or a seller of a telemarket:
Dear public!
I present to you! Apparatus for torturing apples. Tears off the skin, cuts the insides, cuts into strips. Or The latest 3D to 2D apple converter! Or 3 in 1 stainless steel apple fruit machine peeled tool!
The funny thing is that the device, although it has drawbacks, is really cool ...
You can read about how “it” can help people who sometimes have excess, for example, apples, under the cut
It turned out a bit long.
For the impatient, I’ll say right away - IMHO, if you can find a place to store this device at home - then it definitely costs its 10-15 $. Benefit and / or entertain.
It so happened that in the summer of 2016 at the cottage, even before the ripening of apples, the wife saw “this” among her neighbors. With a demonstration of opportunities!
(Neighbors bought “it” offline, and, as far as I know, it’s not even much more expensive. Only 20 percent).
A device seen peels apples (and not only)cuts the core with seeds, cuts them in the form of a flat spiral, almost completely preparing apple material for drying in the form of "chips". Although you can not only dry these apples, but you can also eat chopped raw, you can cook mashed potatoes, etc., etc.
Apples in our country house for the most part tastemediocre ... well ... you don’t eat much at a time. Yes, they ripen too late - to frost, i.e. either disappear or gather greenish, which adds no taste to them ...
Often the apple trees are sick with something and the apples are covered with plaque spoiling their presentation ...
Part of the apples cannot be picked and you have to “shake” them, but they beat and then are poorly stored.
But it’s a pity to throw apples?
And even if you manage to pick up without shaking enougha lot of apples, for winter we had to store them in an apartment on the balcony, which, firstly, is not dimensionless at all, and secondly, the balcony freezes in severe frosts.
Dry apple chips are a completely different matter.they are stored compactly and for a long time. You can take them to work as a snack, you can chew on a TV, you can use them as muesli with yoghurts, etc. (or rather, as a cereal supplement)
In general, we decided to buy the same thing that we saw from our neighbors at the beginning of the 2016 apple season.
Naturally, they searched on Ali.
Not immediately, but found. And even a few options.
It seems that he should have time to come to the new apple season. Fine!
We chose the cheaper option and ordered 1 pc.
Now a few caveats: 0. I was very wrong ... When I was going to write this review on redlightgreen, I looked for this product among previous reviews ... And for some reason then (from a week ago) I did not find it. Before the publication itself, I still looked for a “control” once ... and, about where my eyes were, I found at least 2 other reviews with the same typewriters:
May 2013 -
October 2015 -
(and found several more reviews with similar functionality plastic and electrical devices - I do not provide links to them).
There was even a video uploaded! (I myself have not made friends with video reviews yet).
Of course, the thought flickered to send all this toComputer Recycle Bin. But something was lacking in spirit. It’s a pity - for a week I’ve been picking ... Let's assume that because it also describes the process of cooking apple chips, but in other reviews - no, that's okay.
And yet - I liked the product so much that, in my opinion, it is quite possible to remind about it every year before the ripening season of apples! And more than once. Most new readers don’t go through archives
1. Further, for brevity, I will call this product a “machine tool” (although I myself call it an “apple point”, in the sense of “an apple sharpener.
2. I bought two such machines with a difference of a few days. The second one I was asked to buy at work by a colleague, because there I boasted of this miracle of Chinese thought and an order for it.
Photos in the review will be mixed from both orders.(although, basically, they relate specifically to the product that we bought for ourselves). Externally, the machines did not differ much. Below I will mention one more or less significant distinguishing feature obtained by the machine, it seems, during delivery, but this is later.
2.1. The seller of the first machine seems to have already closed. Because of this, in the headline I gave a live link to the product from my second order, which was given to a colleague (and, by the way, he is also pleased with the purchase).
That is, most of the photos with the product are from the first order, and the main link to the product is from the second order.
3. By design: In this review I will try to get by with a minimum number of spoilers, as in the last review (about the pump for a tonometer) there were complaints from commentators that there are too many spoilers. Here, for the sake of experiment, I will try not to abuse spoilers ... Although I myself prefer to read with spoilers, especially from the phone.
4. The quality of the photo. Filmed on an old soap dish. Several photos were taken on a cell phone with a mediocre camera. What is, that and used. I do not have a SLR, unfortunately. Hopefully not yet. In some places the flash flashes - I didn’t notice right away ... I can’t re-shoot everything now.
5. Terminology. Yes, of course, this thing is very similar to a lathe ... But when I mention the details of this device, I will try not to use the names of the nodes of the lathe.
Firstly, because I myself forgot what they were called when we studied it at school and I can start to get confused.
And secondly ... I hope this review will beread and representatives of the beautiful half of humanity - the master of harvesting, slicing and cooking. And I would immediately stop reading in their place when I saw the male chauvinistic terms such as “front headstock”, “back headstock” ...
In general, I will try to explain what's what, in free form, limiting myself to using only the almost unisex word "machine".
6. I will not consider the work of the machine with other fruits and vegetables - everything can be understood there by the example of apples. Pears were also peeled in the same way. Фруктов Everything edible from fruit and vegetables, which has hints of the axis of symmetry and everything that gets stiffness to stay on the nozzle, you can try to process with this machine.
7. Request for readers - please do not insert in the comments a picture of a fictitious carrying for cats that reminds you of this machine. Here is the picture below the spoiler:
Not so much alike.

or similar ...
Information about the product and sellers. Orders Both orders together:
First order
The product link is still alive, but the product is not available.
The price was $ 12.15 (780.12 RUR for the Central Bank or 808.10 RUR in fact was debited from the card)
First seller
lvhome Store
(in August 2016, he had a different name - "Yizuxiongbing E-commerce Co, .Ltd." ... and why are they being renamed all the time?)
The rating then was 646 / 97.8%
Now the list of all products is empty.
It was promised delivery of China Post Registered Air Mail, and used ePacket. But I'm not in a complaint.
Track Code LM067 ***** 2CN
10 days delivery!
In short, tracking is:
2016-08-16 (at one in the morning) paid (on the previous screen, the number is 15th, because there is usually Alien incomprehensible time, which differs from Moscow by 10 or 11 hours, minus!)
2016-08-17 Accepted at the post office
2016-08-17 Crossed the border of China, China China
2016-08-22 Arrived, Sheremetyevo
2016-08-23 Registration has been completed, Vnukovo; Admission to customs, 593 gr; Issued by customs
2016-08-24 Sort, St. Petersburg
2016-08-26 (in the morning) received
Second order
Link to the product is still alive
Nazvanice - “3 in 1 apple peeler fruit peeler slicing machine / stainless steel apple fruit machine peeled tool Creative Home Kitchen”. Some other sellers I have seen add “Magic”.
When buying, the price was $ 11.89 (in Russian rubles 760.24 for the Central Bank or 789.14 for the fact)
Now, while I am writing this review, prices from the second seller are constantly changing. Twice, it happens ... Sly, "bite his bee" ...

(do not ask about the schedule please -redlightgreen does not like this topic ... the answers to such questions in the comments immediately go into censorship ... I personally moderately trust this schedule, because for several products that I bought myself, the numbers coincided with a delay of one day, but I’m afraid to recommend it to others).
We all know this move of sellers, but I want to say one thing: I periodically look at prices, because I liked this product and am thinking of buying it as a gift.
Usually, the normal price for this item is $ 11-13-15 with free, tracked delivery.
If you get to the moment of the surge on this product page, you can either wait a couple of days or find another seller.
And yet - not only the price periodically changes, but also an active option for delivery from Russia appears. If it is not available, then I think you can correspond with the seller.
Now, after all, everything is going badly from China through Vnukovo. And in the latest reviews about delivery from Russia they write - they bring it in 7-10 days!
Second seller
angelmini store
(also called differently earlier - just “mini angel”)
The rating then was 4550 / 99.1%
EPacket Delivery Promised and Used
Track Code LM069 ***** 6CN
Also 10 days delivery! There were times!
Short tracking:
2016-08-20 (in the evening) paid
2016-08-21 Accepted at the post office
2016-08-21 Crossed the border of China, China China
2016-08-25 Arrived, Sheremetyevo, 593 grams
2016-08-26 Registration has passed, Vnukovo; Admission to customs, 593 gr; Issued by customs
2016-08-28 Sort, St. Petersburg
2016-08-30 (evening) received
The reason that the second order was made by another seller, only because a few days after the first payment from the second seller, the price was lower, and the reviews were normal for both.
I also admit right away that the order from the second seller atI was aroused by more positive emotions then. I don’t know, maybe because of a lower price or because it’s more intact. For some reason, it seemed that the second seller in the chain of intermediaries is closer to production than the first ... although, maybe, in fact, both stores have one owner.
Detailed tracking:

Unpacking First order: Packaging:

The foam box began to break during delivery:

At first glance, there is no damage, but ...:


And this is the second:

Box (better preserved):



English manual
Still under the spoiler, 4 pages

On the small differences between the first and second machine At first, I did not notice any differences.
On the second machine, I cut a couple of apples and gave it away.
I worked with the first one a little, because apples still picked up.
But when cutting on the first machine, there was a feeling - “a little something is wrong, but I don’t understand what”.
Then this feeling turned into "somehow the second machine worked its 2 apples more smoothly."
Well, I will not continue to pull the rubber
It turned out that, presumably from the impact atdelivery (the box was well broken from the end), the plate with a combined double knife bent, cutting the core (ring-cylinder) and cutting a spiral (flat blade) bent a little.

As a result, the axis of the knife - cylinder became slightly not parallel to the axis of rotation.
The plate is spring there and due to this, whenwhen processing an apple, the knife bent back to its place and the machine performed its work without special jamming and other things, but when leaving the apple, this knife again returned abruptly ("jumping") to the wrong place with a slight bounce. Because of this, there was a feeling of a little difficulty in working and it was a little harder to drag the cut core back through the removal ring. He bent a little plate - and everything became OK!
How it works In more detail, I will consider the operation of the machine using the example of chips in the next part. Here will be a summary of the seed.
So the appearance, the main parts, controls

What we have:
Frame - bed (1) with guides (2), suction cup (3) and suction cup lever (4)
Hinged movable attached to the framean arcuate knife (5) with a setting nut with a clamping spring (6) and a double knife (7) with two blades - usual for cutting a spiral (8) and ring-shaped (9) - for cutting a core.
Axis (10) with a spiral / worm thread (11) with a removable handle (12) and a removable trident (13) for stringing an apple.
A pair of levers for convenience - one helpsto disengage the worm gear and quickly move the axis along the guides (14), the other (15) allows you to retract and fix the arcuate knife in the retracted position if we do not want to cut the skin from the apple
Protective cap for the trident (16) for storage.
The screw the limiter for an arcuate knife (17) -I unscrewed it almost to the end at the very beginning, so that the knife cleaned the skin to places as close to the poles of the apple as possible and did not touch it anymore. Its "factory" setting was more suitable for large apples and at the poles there was a bit too much peeled skin.
Separately, I will show a nut for setting and fixing a double knife:

This nut turned out to be the most unfriendly for mean element. Therefore, she was left without a number. I’ll mention about her shortcomings. Because of it, there will be no pictures of peeling an apple without cutting the core and without cutting into a spiral.
Just in case, everything is the same without numbering:

Job: we retract the trident, prick the apple, twist, the apple passes through the core cutter, while the pressure knife bends around the apple from pole to pole, cutting off the skin, pick up the product, throw out the waste.
How it works on the example of cooking apple chips
The product was bought for the main purpose - processing apples to apple chips.
The chips are stored better, take up many times less space, and, often, through the use of cinnamon - a little tastier.
The scale - purely domestic, not industrial - just for yourself.
Below is a photo report of six months ago about the preparation for one drying cycle.
Not even that. It will be correct to say that I photographed the process of filling only one tray of a dryer out of five.
There will be quite a few photos.
Putting it together:
Our loom, apples, cinnamon powder, bag forwaste, dryer, chopping board, bowl for washing apples, a couple of napkins for wiping dripping juice and a knife to cut out defects and cut the spiral into rings or half rings. Sometimes napkins are not needed (if the apples are not very juicy). Cinnamon can be dispensed with, but ... the difference in taste of dry chips is very noticeable - I highly recommend using cinnamon, of course, if you don’t have a special personal hostility to it.

We attach the machine to a suction cup (it is better to slightlymoisten) to the table by tightening the suction cup lever. Even on a rough table, the suction cup holds well, especially if you do not put extra effort on the machine. It happened that the suction cup was peeled off, but only 3-4 times. This is not even every time when preparing one batch of chips.

We clean one apple:
We press the lever, releasing the axis with the “worm” slot and retract the axis with the trident and the handle to then prick the apple onto the trident (this is the “position for pricking the apple”):

You need to try to prick the apple so that the axisthe core of the apple coincided with the axis of rotation of the machine. In this case, the radius of rotation of the seeds will be minimal and, accordingly, the probability of removing all seeds from the apple will be maximum. It is not possible to extend the axis to the end if the apples are not large.
Having put an apple on a trident, we begin to rotate the handle, like a good old meat grinder:

Now this ugly apple will become much prettier with us.

For almost ...

Profit! A combination knife cut the middle and cut the rest of the flesh into a spiral. An arched folding knife rounded the surface of the apple and cut the skin. Almost all. By adjusting the arcuate knife, you can find a compromise between the thickness of the cut skin and the amount of peel that remains from the "poles" of the apple. If the arched knife is pulled out strongly, the “poles” will be cleaned, but a thicker layer of apple with peel will be removed. And vice versa.
So, the apple is peeled and chopped in a spiral.
Throw away the cut skin in a garbage bag.
After some training, you can get the hang of the cut off skin in a garbage bag right during the cleaning process.
Many people think that the most useful thing for an apple isit’s the skin ... If you washed the apples well enough and the apples themselves are good enough - you can don’t throw the skin away - you can eat it (raw, of course, as long as it is fresh, because dried it is not tasty, IMHO). So skin lovers will need an extra cup for folding a delicious skin. And in a garbage bag, they will put only the cut out cores. Or you can not remove the peel from the apple at all - cut it with it ... (this option will also be - see below).
You can argue on this topic for a long time, but anyway, the argument will end with the fact that "there are no comrades for the taste and color."
So, we remove our product - apple flesh in the formspirals from the core and put it on a cutting board. If you work alone, in 2 hands, it is more convenient to cut as many apples at once to fill one tray. I usually had 10-15 medium-sized apples.

Next, remove the "stub" from the trident
With soft apples, the core can be removed easily, evenwithout pulling the axis with the handle into the position for pricking a new apple. For stiff apples that are removed with great difficulty, it is best to push the trident into the pricking position first.
(By the way, in principle, small hard applesyou can’t pierce it to the end - sometimes half the length of the trident spikes was enough for me to confidently hold the apple. This is especially true if the trident stumbles on the bones)

If you have not returned the machine to the position for pricking the apple - do it.
Repeat the apple cleaning cycle to an empirically selected number of apples needed to fill one drip tray.

We cut into half rings - in one motion of a knife. So they are denser stacked on a pallet. But, perhaps, someone will like to do it more, for example, with whole rings, or else someone who is more intricate ...

If there are bones in the pulp or there are anydefects - remove them with a knife. We do the same with the peel left at the poles, if this is important for you (I just washed these parts of the apple a little harder, while the apple was still whole, and left to dry).
Now for all this is the most convenient moment. Everything is visible well. Access is convenient.
If you are unlucky and there were tenants in the apple, we have a garbage bag (sometimes tenants or their traces are still visible when cutting a spiral or removing it after cutting).
Next, lay the apples on a pallet until it is full:

And sprinkle with cinnamon:

Well and one more covering cycle - we repeat all the above done according to the number of pallets in the dryer.
If you have the opportunity to work not in two, but in four hands, then the speed really doubles.
Two hands peel a new apple, two other hands in the same time manage to cut into half rings and put the previous apple on a pallet.
Our processing speed reached 20 seconds per apple. Timed.

And even when working in 4 hands - there is no particular need to process apples in portions on one pallet.
So we filled the dryer. Turn it on and wait for the product.

After N hours of waiting and after several rearrangements of pallets in some places (the dryer is cheap, therefore it does not dry evenly and requires rearrangements) we get the finished product:

The taste is better than the look, especially with cinnamon!
Can be stocked.
We tried to store the chips in food plastic containers and in rag bags - after almost six months everything is fine - now the next container has just ended.
And you can pour the chips into a paper bag and eat immediately or take to work.

A little about how many chips are obtained from a batch of apples.
The previous photo showed a typical result - 250 grams.
A quarter kg.
(A few chips were eaten during the “cooking” process)
How many apples were spent?
On average, about 12 of our apples were left per tray.
Here are these:

There are 4 typical apples on the scales.
Those. 1 tray will take about 0.8 -1 kg of apples. It turns out that for the whole dryer you need 4-5 kg ​​of apples.
Some of them will go to waste:

Those. from 4-5 kg ​​of apples about 1.25 kg goes to the trash. This is a quarter to a third ...
And the smaller the apples, the greater the proportion goes to the trash, because we cannot regulate the diameter of the cut out middle.
Weight savings due to cleaning and drying - obtained in 15-20 times.
The chips are well packed in containers, so there should be a win several times in volume
If the apples are good with the skin, and we want to leave it, then the actions are the same, only you need to move and fix the folding knife in the retracted position:

This lever-stop has another application - if you turn it, then with this lever you can retract the arc knife.

It’s easier, of course, to just take on the basis of this.knife, if you need to take it aside ... I had the assumption that, perhaps, with some very soft fruits in this way, you can reduce the spring pressure for something at the time of cleaning for something ... but there is no certainty.
Let's continue. We took away the knife and it is fixed so that it is no longer involved in the work. Everything else is the same as above.
They pulled in a trident, put on an apple, twisted it, got an apple spiral, but with a skin:

Advantages and disadvantages
About the main advantage of the machine:
And before, we already made such chips, cutting apples by hand with a knife and drying them in the same electric dryer (it was bought offline several years ago)

... They say that you can dry in an ordinary oven ... did not check.
Without this machine, the process of preparing for drying, even if you did not peel the skin from apples when using knives and even 4 hands, was longer. But this is not the main thing.
More important to me was that it was more boring.
Yes! This new thing is simply much more interesting to work with
The next day, when you need to start the next batch with this machine, the thought does not arise - "what are you tired of!"
For some it’s a trifle, but not for me personally.
About the other advantages:
Some time saving
The whole cycle with drying takes about half a day.
About 10 hours - drying and 1-2 hours washing apples, slicing, layout.
On weekdays, 1 drying is obtained, and on weekends,when there is someone to watch the dryer - 2 dryings per day. And if before buying the machine on the weekend we were a little short of 2 drying times, then after - it was enough in 90% of cases.
When you get used to the machine, the preparation time for one dryer is reduced by about half - from two hours to one.
It is believed that the lower the drying temperature (inreasonable limits), the better the product will be. If we had a reserve of time, then I set the dryer timer to 15 hours instead of 10, and reduced the temperature control.
Even fresh apples are funnier to eat cut into spirals than sliced ​​into slices.
Chips are not the only use!
Someone, I will not say who, because we are allowed not to testify against close relatives, even began to make applesauce, using this machine for cleaning! "It's easier"

Lonely young people can even inviteyoung girls to visit for a demonstration! The photo will not be - but this is a real, albeit a very exaggerated fact in the style of a telemarket.
Application for mummies. Judging by the colleagues' stories, children are very susceptible to the results of this machine, if they are involved in the cutting process. And even if they don’t really like the processed fruit, then after cutting it into a spiral, they eat it with pleasure.
Apples can be washed less diligently, because the skin is cut off

The apple on the left (selected specially) - peeling off the skin just as (almost) as the apple on the right, which had to be washed several times longer ...
The machine well cleans apples of complex shape and well cleans slightly beaten apples.
On beaten areas, sometimes a knife comes off, and theyThen you have to do-cut manually. With the complex shape of the apples, everything is fine, as long as the apples retain a semblance of axial symmetry. If this symmetry is absent, then you can also get used to it, but then seeds often remain in the spiral, which also need to be removed later manually, but the skin is almost always cleaned off.
Complex form (much more complex options are also cleaned, they just didn’t come across during that photo shoot):


A couple of additional easy movements with a knife without picking - and the defect will be easily cut out.
It is highly advisable to peel broken apples quickly so that the damaged parts are not too “softened” during storage.
If desired, part of the functionality can be "disabled"
You can not clean the skin (we fold the appropriate knife and fix the stop).
You can not make a spiral and do not cut the core. To do this, the corresponding knife can be removed by unscrewing the nut - the lamb. But when you need to return as it was - you have to try. And if you do not set it accurately, noticeably more seeds begin to remain inside the apple spiral inside. The accuracy of this setting is slightly higher than my modest capabilities.
Skinning thickness adjustable
The “arc” knife has another wing nut -it allows you to adjust the depth of skinning. It also has an indirect effect on the success of cleaning the skin at the poles of the apple (about this - in the shortcomings).
If the apple is wormy, it will be much easier for you to notice it in advance.
The machine is well washed after apples just a stream of running water.
There is no special need for soap, washcloth. Sometimes you still have to disassemble the arched knife and then reconfigure it if something small gets stuck in it. But usually there are long pieces of skin sticking out - and they are easily cleaned without disassembly.

But sometimes you still have to extract a trifle. Although this knife is disassembled and easy to set up.
Difficult to adjust the position of the ring knife

Here I will partially repeat.
At first I could not unscrew his wing nuthands and had to take pliers. Then for more than an hour I tried to put the ring knife in place. Of course, the lamb is a little small for a good tightening, but this is not the problem. The problem is that as soon as you make a normal tightening of the nut, the knife moves and the alignment disappears ... And fixing the knife is inconvenient - there are cutting edges ...
Exact work is not mine, I know, but anyway ...I vowed to touch this nut a second time. That is why the report does not use the machine only for cleaning the skin when the double knife is removed. I didn’t take a photo right away, I hoped for “then, next time”. Plus, we ourselves always cut the core, so I'm sorry ... Maybe it's true, some other time. Or better, let someone else write about it путь
The bones sometimes remain

Basically, this happens in two cases - either the apple is too asymmetrical, or the apple is put crookedly on the trident (and accuracy is required here). Then the seeds remain on some other side.
Occasionally there is still something inside the fruit of a seedare too far from the middle - then the seeds can remain evenly around the entire circumference. In any case, if you cut the spiral into half rings, then removing the remaining seeds is easy. But if you instead of chips from whole spirals do some artistic and culinary installations, for example, for kids, you will have to use more zeal to properly prick an apple on a trident (we practice!), Or think of something with bones.
I would like to have interchangeable ring knives of different diameters.
Available ring in diameter 22 mm.

And, of course, I would like to have interchangeable blades,with different diameters. Probably the best step would be 2 mm. (20, 22, 24 or 20, 22, 24, 26, or at least 22, 26 ...). But these are, rather, just dreams like “well, why they themselves hadn’t come up with this in the Celestial Empire”
Plus the question - how to sharpen these cylindrical blades when they become dull? Yes, and arched too, how?
What does the community think?

Round file? Sandpaper on a pencil? (on the ring - sharpening outside ...)
The maximum diameter of an apple that fits in this machine is not that big, only about 9 cm

Larger apples, if you have them, will not be processed ...
Although, maybe you can cut apples along the "equator" and put on a pole to the ring knife ...
I'll have to try
When cleaning the skin, it remains in a small amount from the poles.
The amount of remaining depends on the degreeextension of an arcuate knife. This contradicts the thickness of the cut of the skin in general (to reduce the knife should be minimally extended) and the degree of peeling of the skin at the poles of the apple (if we want to get closer to the pole, we need to extend the arched knife more so that its sides begin to work).

And do not forget about the adjusting screw limiter.
Caution is needed - you can pierce your hand or cut yourself
I still pricked the trident slightly ... Left (photowork with chips) from the trident was not enough space freed up when working. I came across a tight-fitting apple. Pulling off his stub from the trident made a jerk stronger than usual and so that the hand did not go too far to the left with the return movement, too, he returned the hand too abruptly, did not calculate - a little bit - the finger and the trident met. Although for many times of use, the mistake happened only 1 time.
In general, whether to give this machine to children (and they really like the device) is a question ... At least adult supervision is needed.
There is no storage box in the kit and the machine itself is not very compact.
Keeping it in a small kitchen will not be very convenient. True, with seasonal use this is not so scary - you can find a place on the mezzanine, balcony or in the country, since it is stainless
Skinning quality of sluggish fruit is worse than that of strong and fresh
Still, when the machine is working with not very large apples, the proportion of waste is too large.
If apples get NOT free, then one third of the waste is too much (and if the apples are small, then, in general, the proportion of waste can be more than half).
But if apples - "free then", and even disappear - this machine in our hands.
Some additional photos and comments
What's under the suction cup?
The screw (s), normal color and a bit of a bit of scale after the previous washing and passive drying of the machine.

The thickness of the spiral is not adjustable - it is about 6 mm

Either this is a feature, or a disadvantage ...
The thickness of the apple spiral determines the step of the spiral on the axis and the bending angle of the combined knife.
It’s clear that you can want not only a set of ring knives of different diameters, but also sets of pairs of axes with a different pitch of a spiral + a knife with a different bend ... But let's not fantasize further here
In a particular case, my thickness of the cut skin was about 2 mm

TOTAL I personally really liked the machine.
If he gets lost - I don’t think about buying one again.
For me, this machine was the best purchase from Ali and eBay in the last year.
Well, or at least he shares the first place with the "race track for the cat"

But the machine looks much more durable, because it is almost completely iron!