Melamine sponges 100x60x20. Microview. Small utility-interest. Part 2.

The second part of my micro reviews is devoted to melamine sponges. Acquaintance with this type of sponge I started with the muska, and before that I had not heard of them.
The advertisement reads: “Melamine sponges easily remove dirt on different surfaces, be it plastic, metal, wood, linoleum or even plain paper. The power to cope with this magical assistantany pollution, limescale, rust and stains of burnt fat. In every house there are hard-to-reach places that have been waiting for cleaning for a long time, and it is for such purposes that the melamine sponge is considered indispensable. Is it really? check under the cat.
This purchase of melamine sponges I no longer havethe first, even starting with posts on the muse, ordered this miracle, tried it, and got involved. Indeed they help out. And not only in the kitchen, application can be found in any corner of the house or garage. Only one thing strained, it is the extreme fragility of the sponges. I made every new order with a new seller, hoping to get better sponges. And it happened !!! For 2 years and 8 experienced sellers, I came across stronger, high-quality sponges. Of course, I understand that the melamine fragility in my case is a subjective quantity, and somehow it is not possible to measure and compare it. But according to subjective feelings, this party has a more solid structure and much less crumble. For example, now one sponge is enough to bring the general beauty of the bath, and before 2-3 sponges might be needed. Although, of course, maybe quality just walks from party to party. So, there are enough praises, let's begin.
Sponges were ordered on December 12 and came to me only on the 20th of January. Parcel was not tracked.

I ordered a batch of 100 pcs. They came here in this form.

The sponge itself is such a parallelepiped of white color.

In this case, you need to look so that the color is exactly white, because gray samples are often only a foam rubber fake. The dimensions of the sponge are declared 100x60x20.

There is nothing more to look at here, so we move on to the tests.
Test 1: Household appliances with stainless steel surface. We all know how easily traces remain on such surfaces, and how difficult it is to get rid of them. Especially if your baby has learned to open and close the refrigerator
It was:

Wet the sponge, a little bit, wring it, wipe it, and wipe it without effort.
It became:

To complicate the task, take a kettle with a similar surface.
It was:

The sponge is already moistened, without much effort, wipe the surface of the kettle.
It became:

We complicate the task. We take the lid of the multicooker, specially launch its state.
It was:

Wipe with a sponge. Here again, without much effort.
It became:

We complicate the task.
We find in the cottage an old co-opted abandoned pot.
Three already with a slight pressure.
It was / has become:

Sponge after tests. Black spots are then easily washed off with water.
Output. Sponges have excellent cleaning properties for different types of surfaces, do not require any skills for work :) Although the old yellowed stainless steel pots do not give up so easily and to restore their appearance, you will have to sweat a little with these sponges. Although you spend a lot less effort than using abrasive products and a foam sponge. I recommend this seller, because the sponges I came across IMHO are better, denser and less fragile.
But there is an important point !!!
It's no secret that melamine is verydangerous material, if you use it inadvertently. I haven’t verified the information personally, Google suggested. If particles of melamine enter the body, it can cause serious health problems. But not due to toxicity. Melamine particles are able to settle in the kidneys and provoke the development of urolithiasis (and this can only be treated surgically). It is for this reason that we very carefully use the melamine sponge in the kitchen. Clean dishes after melamine sponge with water and a dishwashing detergent. It is also necessary to carefully watch so that there is no contact with these sponges in young children or pets.
Forewarned is forearmed!!!
But basically, we use it in everyday life, facilitating the routine of difficult work. Thanks for attention.