Mini milk mixer

For New Year's gifts were purchasedseveral mini-mixers (they are also shakers, freezers, electric crowns, etc.). I do not exclude that it is possible to find them at a similar price here, but this is not the subject of a review.
The order was placed on November 21, sent by SF eParcel, received on December 9 by New mail (from the nearest branch, without a courier).

The mixers are packed in a regular plastic bag without additional seals and pimples.

As a result, the boxes from the mixers came rumpled, but moderately. Alignment is possible.

The manufacturer is the Hongxin brand. Boxes do not differ in color mixers. On the package there is a place for affixing a mark on their color (black-red-brown-green-blue), but it is left blank. The packaging also contains information about the product in 12 languages, including Russian (“MIkcep for milk MS 3089”) and images for which purpose it is suitable:

The mixer itself looks to be expected, however, it does not have the “soft-touch” coating promised on the packaging, but is made of ordinary glossy plastic; moreover, it does not look very clean initially.

The length of the device with a whisk is 21.5 cm, the handles are 12.5 cm, the width is 4.5 cm.
Powered by two AA size batteries, which, as promised on the packaging, are not included. The mixer is brought into operation by pressing a button on its upper part, there are no various modes.
It was not possible to complete the analysis of the mixer with improvised means and affordable efforts (the screws did not succumb), and since it was not bought for itself, it was decided not to exert extra effort.
Different colors (it is interesting that the Hongxin brand is not affixed to all):

In work
He successfully copes with his task. The corolla initially needs to be additionally “centered” with your hands in order to increase efficiency.
Minute "test drive" on a glass of milk:

As you can see, even with such a mixer, without any effort, about two centimeters of foam were whipped.
Pros: + price
+ delivery speed
+ copes with its task
Cons: - packaging from the seller
- lack of soft touch coverage

PS: first review.