A small overview of a kitchen food thermometer. Small things that any self-respecting cook should have.

Today I want to tell you about a useful thing, for those who like to cook on their own.
This thermometer in online stores is positioned as a thermometer to check the temperature of meat. But in fact, its scope in cooking is much wider.
This thermometer is bought by me for the second time. The first was given to my brother, and I ordered a new one for myself.
For the first time I saw this thermometer in a review of the respected V-B in its review called V-B.
And this business really interested me. I bought it. Used for a long time, then the brother asked him for himself.
But since I also sometimes need such a thermometer, I ordered myself again.
I was looking at all the shops, where it is cheaper. Prices ranged from $ 3.5 and above, depending on the greed of the seller. As a result, I chose this lot, with the price at that time 3.51 dollars. (Now the price is $ 2.73, and of course it’s a little offensive to me that this price was not there when I was looking for it. But on the other hand, the dollar is more, the dollar is less, the main thing is that the purchase is useful)
Ordered on March 1. The seller gave the track number YC522203539YW which did not track anywhere safely. But I didn’t bother much, because the goods were cheap.
A parcel arrived packed in foamed polythene. By the shape of the package, I immediately realized what was in it.
Despite not very good packaging and more than a month for delivery, the package did not suffer.

Inside the package is a tube made of transparent plastic. It is closed by lids on both sides. There is a strap on the top cover.

The tube has a length of 24cm.
Inside the thermometer itself and instructions in English and Chinese.

The thermometer is made in the form most similar to a screwdriver.

The handle is made of plastic. The quality of this plastic, let’s say, is not very good. Casting flaws are visible.
On the side are 4 buttons and a screen.

All buttons are signed:
The On / Off button is how the on / off button is clear to everyone.
The C / F button is used to select the type of temperature displayed: in Fahrenheit or Celsius.
The Hold button is needed to freeze the currently displayed temperature on the screen.
The Max / Min button shows the maximum and minimum temperatures recorded by the thermometer. (if you hold this button for a couple of seconds, you can reset these values)
The screen is normal. Displays up to 4 characters. It can display temperatures from -50C to + 300C.
The temperature measurement is quite fast and accurate, the readings change every 5 seconds.
The probe of the thermometer is made of metal. Its length is 14.5cm.
Hard metal. Do not bend. Does not rust.
You can unscrew it, and look at the thermocouple located inside.

The thermometer is powered by a single battery type Lr44 located under the removable cover.

By the way, despite the rubber gasket under the battery cover, the thermometer is not waterproof. And if dropped into a liquid, it can fail. You can only immerse the probe of the thermometer.
Why was this thermometer purchased?
I recently periodically cook cheese frommilk and renin. I only cook soft mozzarella cheese, as this household is very fond of my household. And for the preparation of this cheese, a thermometer is just right. To properly control the temperature of milk.
Also, the thermometer is convenient for home winemaking, baking confectionery.
In general, quite a necessary thing in the kitchen. It’s worth a penny, but the benefit is great. But again, only if you are preparing something that requires temperature control.
I will not conduct any special tests. Since this is not a high-precision device, but simply kitchen utensils. But I think that even if there is a spread of plus / minus a couple of degrees, this is not critical.
On this my review is completed. I definitely recommend a thermometer for purchase.
For there is nothing more to write, and tea is already getting cold:

Also V-B
Comments are welcome, criticism, useful additions.