Nice price for a couple of models of wireless headphones and a headset from QCY and Jesbod

The stock is over. Sometimes there are other stocks on other lots of the same headphones from the same sellers.
Looking for Bluetooth headphones and remembering alreadyFor the tested models, I came across extremely attractive offers on AliExpress from a couple of sellers (do not forget to take the seller’s coupon, the price is calculated with coupons):
Seller 1 - coupon 2 from 2.01, for 150 coins there will be a coupon 3 from 3.01:
Headphones BT 4.1 QCY Qy11 Red - Price: 14.40-2 = 12.40 ($), regular price in the range of 17-23 $.
Headset BT 4.1 QCY Qy8 Black - Price: 7.80-2 = 5.80 ($), regular price $ 7-9
Under the cut: Jesbod T1000, probably an alternative version of the Macaw T1000, for $ 12.92
Jesbod T1000
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