XGIMI Z3 Projector: Pros and Cons of Purchasing

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Good day to all! I present to you my first review on the suitable Chinese projector Xgimi Z3 SLP Telecom.

The projector was my old dream: I wanted to watch my favorite films in excellent quality on the big screen and in a pleasant company, and not in the middle of a crowded room with strangers chewing, drinking and talking loudly, and even give money for it :). I did not want to buy a super budget projector, but I did not sacrifice quality. As a result, a DLP projector with a resolution of 1280 * 800 and 3D function was selected.
Projector Options

Projector appearance


The projector hangs on the console bracket on3 m from the wall under the ceiling (the wall is simply painted white, there are no additional screens / sheets, etc.). Screen size at a given distance: 232x143 cm, i.e. 107 inches. From the outside it seems that it hangs crookedly, but in fact all the rules

Projector Menu

Image test

And the most interesting: watching videos and games on the big screen:

Games Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars and The Witcher - connection via HDMI, Zombies - is installed on the projector.

To watch video in 3D, special glasses with an active shutter are required.

I draw attention to the fact that when buying points in the name of the lot should be present DLP-LINK 3D.
Temperature after two hours of operation:

As you can see, the temperature is not at all high, whichachieved by a good heatsink and fan installed on it. The cooling rate can be adjusted: the gradation is from 1 to 10, for 1 projector it is very quiet, but I do not recommend setting this value, and for 10 the projector starts to make noise like my laptop when playing the Witcher :). There is also an automatic setup (noise is something in between). I have an automatic cooling mode.

As for performance, I can say thatthe projector is not fast. Sometimes it freezes, when you turn on the video for about a couple of seconds, turning on 3D is also 2-3 seconds. In general, it doesn’t bother, there is a built-in function for cleaning the internal memory, this is very good, if applications start to fly out or video does not play in applications, then this function always helps. But still, 1 GB of RAM is not enough, I think.
To further control the projectorThere is a special application for the phone, mentioned at the beginning of the review - XGIMI Assistant. A phone with the application installed must be connected to the same wi-fi network, then it automatically connects to the projector. Many functions are duplicated, but the touchpad function and some analogue of DLNA and Miracast are interesting (you can show photos and videos from your phone on a large screen, it works many times faster than through the Miracast application). Some features are only for older XGIMI projectors.
A few screenshots of the application

1. The absence of a zombie in the house
2. The advantages of DLP projectors
3. Compactness
4. Compared to other projectors, not so noisy.
5. 3D (according to 3D sensations, it is no worse than in movie theaters, the brightness when viewing is slightly less than usual, but this is not felt with a well-darkened room)
6. The presence of sound optical output SPDIF
7. The presence of a magnetic cover that covers the lens from dust
8. Android OS, although not the latest, but you can install a bunch of different applications and configure the projector for yourself.
9. Customizable front legs
10. Good cooling system for such a compact case
11. Automatic keystone correction
1. The wheel for adjusting the focus is very tight - it is difficult to adjust the focus in limbo.
2. The lack of built-in bluetooth
3. Short wire from the power supply
4. Not the most powerful iron
To summarize - I liked the projector, likeconcept of watching movies and games on the big screen. Watching any movie becomes somehow special and you really enjoy watching it. It’s a pity that I didn’t have such a thing before.
About the price I can say that this projector isaverage in the price category of Chinese projectors, most likely not everyone will be able to pay such a price for a Chinese projector, but I'm happy with the purchase and do not regret that I bought it.