The story of the Jjrc H8c and my view on its use, or how to get a child out into the air.

Now let’s fly through its really necessary and interesting features.

  • 1 It can fly outdoors in light winds.
  • 2 His remote control can be given into the hands of a child - he can handle it.
  • 3 Protecting screws helps others feel dry and comfortable; at home it protects walls, furniture, and cats.
  • A soft chassis gives hope that after landing there will be a take-off.
    The body material is durable, the screws, protection and chassis are moderately soft and springy.
    As with other manufacturers / sellers with this - I do not know, but we have not ditched this instance yet, largely due to the good quality of the materials.
    I'll start with the box

    Remove the skin and:

    Everything is neatly packed. You can not worry, ordering without the original box. Arrived quickly and whole.

    The kit has everything for the flight.

    We attach the chassis and screw protection.

    Battery at 500 mAh 7.4 in. Enough somewhere for 9-10min, even with horses on board. Raises quietly 80g (HTC EVO4G without a screen). Even with 100g it flies, but low-low.
    Video from the flight:

    Backlit at night:
    Flying at night is something. Coloring ribbons in the style of a police car, And this red-white-blue miracle of technology cheerfully flies up, down and somersaults. Straight traffic cop of the future. Light version without fines and striped stick.
    Camera shots were interesting to me,and the kid only the first couple of times. Pampering is (for serious, you need to refine a bit, there are ideas, but then). And for the gaming moment, it’s boring and inert. But this is not a reason to fold flippers. Not without the fact that dad (I) was breaking his brain, how to interest his daughter with games in the fresh air and, at the same time, a copter. Well, these flying fans are not very interesting to the girls. So I came up with, to shoot stories with dolls and suddenly - a quad.

    And interesting, and in the fresh air. The developing moment is present and exciting.

    To shoot for yourself - for a child this is a chance to feel like a director, cameraman, screenwriter, stunt performer, filming his stories.
    Well, something like this:

    UPD I completely forgot, but I’ve fixed it