Smartphone VKworld T1 Plus Kratos - an excellent 6-inch budget with 4G support

VKworld T1 Plus Kratos - an excellent 6-inch budget with 4G support
Hello. Today I want to talk about the smartphone VKworld T1 Plus Kratos. This smartphone is one of the few representatives of the optimal ratio of price and quality. The smartphone has a fairly standard, appearance and more than ordinary characteristics, however, what sets it apart from the rest of the gadgets is the 6-inch display, the body material (according to the manufacturer, this is aluminum of the 7000 series), and of course the price, which ranges from $ 109 to $ 129. Personally, I bought this smartphone for $ 101 + a coupon with a face value of $ 10, the total price was only $ 91.38. In general, let's talk about everything one at a time.

Packing and packaging
Like most Chinese parcels given,flew in a standard small bag, inside which was wrapped in a pimpled cellophane packaging with a smartphone. A little upset by the fact that during transportation the box was slightly deformed in the corners.

It should be noted that the manufacturer wentin a rather non-trivial way, namely, he decided to make the box in such a way that, thanks to simple manipulations, the box could be transformed into a simple VR device. I did not begin to assemble the box, however I enclose a photo of the components.

The delivery set is pretty good. It included:
1. Smartphone VKworld T1 Plus Kratos;
2. Transparent silicone case;
3. A protective film on the screen (originally glued);
4. micro-USB cable;
5. Network adapter;
6. A clip for removing the module for SIM cards;
7. Instruction and warranty card;
8. Spare protective film;
9. Transformer box.

On the front panel, in its upper partnotifications indicator, proximity sensor and ambient light sensor, earpiece and front camera eye are located. Below is a large six-inch display made using LTPS technology, so the screen turned out to be quite bright and has quite good responsiveness. The thickness of the side frames is only 5.5 mm. Of course, this is all good, but as I said earlier, at certain angles, visually it seems that the display gives off blue. The top of the display is covered with 2.5D tempered Corning Gorilla Glass.

The back cover of the smartphone is made of aluminum7000 series (at least as stated by the manufacturer) and is not removable. The upper and lower inserts are made of plastic. Under the cover is a fairly capacious battery from Sony, its capacity is as much as 4300mAh, taking into account the fact that the thickness of the smartphone is only 7.9mm. At the very back, we found a place for the main camera, which protrudes slightly beyond the dimensions of the case, and this is a little annoying, since it is not very convenient to lay a smartphone on a table (provided that you use a smartphone without a case), an LED flash and a fingerprint scanner are located below.

On the right side there is a power button and a slot for sim-cards and memory cards.

It should be noted that, as in mostFor modern smartphones, the manufacturer decided to use a combined slot. That is, we have the opportunity to either use a smartphone with two SIM cards mini-Sim + micro-Sim, or the TFlash + mini-Sim option.

On the left side is the volume rocker.

At the top there is only a mini-jack connector

Well, at the bottom we found a place for micro-USB, an external speaker and a microphone.

Speaking of the silicone case that comes with the smartphone - it is made quite high quality, it sits well on the smartphone.

VKWorld T1 plus is equipped with a 6 ’’ IPS HD screen (1280x 720 pixel, density 320dpi), not the best resolution for a six-inch smartphone, and at a certain angle it seems that the display gives a blue, but there are no significant claims to the display. The viewing angles of the smartphone are really very good.

Before Use
Immediately I want to give advice to everyone whoexpect this smartphone in the near future (since I believe that new smartphones will be deprived of this drawback). In general, before you start using your smartphone, ALWAYS download the latest firmware version from the official website and install it using FlashTools. What is it for? In the early versions of the firmware, in addition to the extremely unbalanced battery operation, a jamb was observed when the screen turned off in the smartphone, and after that no manipulations allowed it to be turned on. More precisely, he turned on, but for unknown reasons.
The firmware archive contains the driver package,which needs to be installed. Next, you need to start the flasher, select the path to the scatter file, then click the download button and connect the turned off smartphone to the computer. In general, nothing complicated. Everything. After flashing the smartphone, it's hard to find fault.
Hardware platform and performance
Powered by VKWorld T1 plus powered by GoogleAndroid 6.0 in conjunction with MTK6735 quad core 1.0GHz CPU, Mali-T720 GPU and has a RAM of 2GB / ROM 16GB. You can immediately say that this smartphone is not intended. Of course, you can play many games quite comfortably on it, but you can forget about the maximum settings. This smartphone is more suitable for listening to music, watching videos or surfing the Internet, it will also be quite comfortable to read electronic books on the smartphone. Information can be stored not only on the built-in memory, but also on a removable microSD card. Without a memory card, there is very little space.
To get a more complete picture of the hardware of the smartphone, we test it using such applications as:


As we can see, the hardware of the smartphone is as declared by the manufacturer.
To evaluate the performance used insmartphone hardware platform I tested the smartphone in the most common benchmarks, the results of this test can be seen in the screenshots below.
Vellamo Mobile Benchmark

3DMark - The Gamer’s Benchmark

AnTuTu Benchmark


Epic citadel

Based on these results, we are in the nextjust make sure that the VKWorld T1 plus smartphone is the most ordinary budget device, with very mediocre performance and it’s just silly to play resource-intensive modern heavy games on this smartphone, but this smartphone is perfect for everyday use and Internet surfing.
Radio Modules & Sensors
Next, we move on to testing performanceWi-Fi module. Taking into account the fact that many manufacturers in the pursuit of a beautiful shell often neglect the quality of work of the main modules of the smartphone. For this, it is necessary to check how stable the smartphone is capable of receiving a signal from a home WiFi network at different distances from the signal source. For these purposes, the Wifi Analyzer application was used.

The speed of the Internet connection is tested using the SpeedTest application.

No less important problem with which you canto encounter when using inexpensive smartphones - the quality of the GPS module. As a result, a slow and inaccurate determination of the current location. Positioning accuracy depends not only on the chip used in the device, but also on the Android OS version, firmware, and your current location.
To test the operation of the GPS module traditionallythe GPS Test application is used, which allows you to determine the number of satellites with which the smartphone can connect, location accuracy, connection stability, etc.

The performance of all kinds of sensors, sensorsand microphone test using the Sensor List application. This application displays a list of all sensors installed in the smartphone, and also shows real-time graphs of their work. The program allows you to check the operation of such sensors as: accelerometer, magnetic field, orientation, temperature, illumination, etc., looking at the changes coming to the graph depending on external conditions.

The received information is displayed in the form of graphs on which we can see the change in the signal coming from one or another sensor.
Speaking of a fingerprint scanner, I want tonote that it works quite well and from any angle. Moreover, as in most modern smartphones, this sensor allows you to not only unlock the smartphone, but also take photos, move between images in the gallery or answer calls.
The stress test was performed using the StabilityTest application.
It is expected in the process of testing the CPU / GPUsometimes fps subsidence of up to 5 was observed, but in most cases this indicator was in the range of 45-55. The case temperature tactilely remained within comfortable limits.

The camera interface is standard. It is used in many devices.

The smartphone has 13 MP main camera fromSony and 8 MP front camera from OmniVision, also in the smartphone there is a dual LED flash, which can be used as a flashlight. Of course, the quality of the pictures taken using this smartphone can hardly be called excellent, but for a smartphone for $ 130 they are very decent, and as far as I know nowhere and no one wrote that the VKWorld T1 plus smartphone is positioned as a camera-phone. The implementation of autofocus in the smartphone is quite good, and thanks to the flash with two diodes, you can get more vivid photos.
Examples of pictures taken on the main camera (pictures are shrunk up to 70%):

Pictures taken on the front camera:

VKWorld T1 plus is responsible for autonomynon-removable battery, the capacity of which, according to the manufacturer, is 4300mAh. A very good battery, but in order to make sure that the capacity of this battery is true, I conducted a simple test.

And here disappointment awaited me. The actual battery capacity was 3561mAh, and it turns out that the manufacturer has embellished this figure by more than 700mAh. Of course, this indicator is not bad, but when buying a product, we at least rely on the fairness of these characteristics.
With such a battery capacity smartphoneIt provides up to 8 hours of active use of the smartphone, including Internet surfing in 4G networks, and this is already good. I had several smartphones that were already running low by noon. This phone lives to the end of the working day.
Some sources state the following characteristics:
34.12 hours of telephone conversation;
13.95 hours of browsing the Internet via Wi-Fi at a brightness of 200 nits;
15.27 hours of operation in LTE networks at a brightness of 200 nits;
14.76 hours of video playback;
in 8 hours in standby mode only 1% of the charge is spent, which is achieved due to the Doze mode in Android 6.0 Marshmallow.
In general, talking about the smartphone VKWorld T1 Plus, you cantalk about a phone with a reasonably good battery and a fairly high autonomy, although the actual characteristics of the battery are lower than those stated by the manufacturer.
That's all. Next, I want to attach some screenshots of the interface, as well as a screen that shows that the smartphone is capable of accepting up to five simultaneous taps.


  • Price;
  • 6 ’’ display with fairly good viewing angles;
  • 2.5D Gorilla Glass from Corning;
  • Good design and ergonomics;
  • High-quality assembly;
  • Quite a decent quality of photographs;
  • Metal case.


  • Raw firmware that needs to be updated right out of the box;
  • Mediocre external speaker;
  • Battery capacity is 3561mAh;
  • Far from the most modern iron.

To summarize, I want to say that the impression ofThe use of the VKWorld T1 plus smartphone is twofold. On the one hand, far from the most modern hardware in conjunction with unfinished firmware, of course, not the best feelings, however, if you take into account the cost of a smartphone that slightly exceeds $ 100, you involuntarily begin to realize that you should not have expected more for this money.
In general, the smartphone turned out quite interestingand taking into account the fact that the manufacturer is trying to eliminate the jambs associated with the software part, I think that the smartphone fully lives up to its expectations and is perfect for fans of surfing the Internet and at the same time wishing to have a large diagonal in the smartphone. Of course, the HD resolution is not the best for a smartphone with a diagonal of 6 ’’, but thanks to this resolution, the autonomy of the smartphone also increases. In general, VKworld T1 Plus Kratos turned out to be a rather controversial smartphone. There are some jambs in it, but there are a lot of advantages in it. On this, in fact, I will finish. Buying or not is the business of each of us, but my opinion is that VKWorld T1 plus is an attractive smartphone for its money.