Smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 4 High Edition (Pro, Prime, 3/32) Gray

I want to tell you about replacing my old manLenovo S660 new to Xiaomi. In October, I chose a phone from the redmi 3 series, but when I heard about the imminent presentation of the new budget employee, it was decided to wait. After waiting for the presentation and reading another 15 days of reviews, I decided to take it, despite some “sores” of new phones. To be brief, I am satisfied with the purchase, well, and more under the cut.
Xiaomi introduced the redmi 4 line in threecopies: Redmi 4A, Redmi 4 standart ed. and Redmi 4 high ed. All of them differ quite a lot among themselves, especially Redmi 4A. I chose the most expensive of the presented models. You can see the differences in iron here.
Specifications: Processor: Qualcomm MSM8953 Snapdragon 625 14nm - an eight-core processor with a maximum clock speed of 2Ghz.
Video Accelerator: Adreno 506
RAM: 3Gb
Built-in memory: 32Gb (available to user 25 Gb)
Screen: 5 inches - 1920x1080 (443ppi), IPS, OGS, 2.5D, 16M colors, oleophobic coating. Nothing is known about screen protection.
The main one is 13 MP, f / 2.2 with autofocus and a dual LED flash. Video shoots in 1920x1080 30 frames per second. When installing a third-party application, you can shoot in 4k.
Front - 5 MP, f / 2.2, 1080p
2G - GSM 850/900/1800/1900 - SIM 1 & SIM 2 and CDMA 800/1900
3G - HSDPA 850/900/1900/2100 and CDMA2000 1xEV-DO & TD-SCDMA
4G - Band 1 (2100), 3 (1800), 7 (2600), 38 (2600), 39 (1900), 40 (2300), 41 (2500)
WiFi - 2.4Ghz \ 5Ghz
Bluetooth 4.2
SIM slot: Micro SIM + SD or Micro SIM + Nano SIM
Operating System: MIUI 8 (Android 6.0)
Additional functions: Infrared port for controlling equipment, fingerprint sensor, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, compass and OTG.
Battery: Li-Ion 4100 mAh (typ) / 4000 mAh (min)
Dimensions: 141.3 x 69.6 x 8.9 mm
Weight: 156 grams.
Packaging and packaging The package came to me in an ordinary gray bag, which the seller rewound with tape and pasted a customs declaration on top. Inside was an air bag with the phone itself.
On the front side of the box there is a barely noticeable 4, on the back side - the main characteristics. On the left and right on the box are hieroglyphs.

In the kit, everything was as usual:
A cube (5V / 2A), a USB cable, a clip for the SIM tray and quite a bit of waste paper.

The seller put an adapter under our sockets, a film and a silicone case, I can not judge the quality of these gifts.

Appearance and design5 ”display, which occupies almost the entire area of ​​the front of the phone. The case itself is made of aluminum alloy and because of this the phone is rather slippery, for security it is better to carry it in a case, because it wants to slip out of your hands. It’s cold in the cold.

At the top of the display we have: a light sensor, a front camera, a speaker (volume is good) and an event indicator (blue, red, yellow, green, blue, white and purple).

Below we have standard buttons that do not have a backlight. For me, this is not a problem, although I switched from a phone in which there was a key backlight.

A lot of controversy about the frame around the display. As for me, they are really great, but in the color Gray it is not noticeable.
I haven’t removed the film yet, I’m waiting for the glass from China to arrive. But if you believe the reviews on, then the oleophobic coating is good.
On the lower edge there are holes for the speaker (right) and microphone. Also here is a connector for charging.

The upper edge includes: a microphone for noise reduction, IR and a headphone jack.

The left side includes only the tray for Sim cards. The tray does not hang and sits tight. Buter can be done, but requires a thorough approach to its implementation.

On the right side are the mechanical volume keys and turn on the phone. The buttons do not hang, they are pressed well.

Well, the flip side includes: Camera, dual flash, fingerprint scanner and company logo. The upper insert is made of plastic. The camera does not bulge, and even a little recessed. SOP works great!

And a little closer

how it looks with a cover from the seller

Screen 2 months after the presentation alreadyIt is known that two types of display are installed on these phones. I came across a Tianma display, which is a bit warm in contrast to EBBG. It is also known that on the EBBG display, the margin of brightness is slightly larger and black and white have a more realistic display. Other colors are displayed the same. Tianma has slightly better viewing angles and less fading.
Screen 5 ", resolution Full Hd -looks great. Made using OGS technology, viewing angles are high, 10-touch multi-touch. The brightness adjustment range is huge. On a winter sunny day on the street, I set the brightness a little less than half. The room is almost minimal, if you put the minimum, then in complete darkness it is difficult to see.
Brightness ascending: minimum - 25% - 50% - 75% - 100%

In the system settings there is an adjustment of contrast, clarity and color temperature. Viewing angles characteristic of the IPS matrix, fading of the picture is not observed. The picture is saturated.

System (When I bought, I knew that there wasn’tglobal firmware, and from custom it was only 11/02/2016 version 3 / 32gb came out with global multi-language firmware.) Therefore, the seller decided to order in Russian and Gapps (Vietnamese) in order to wait a month or two to wait for the absence of the global one.
When turned on, we see the “Russian” MiUI 8 based on Android 6. In addition to standard applications, facebook, News and a couple of toys were pre-installed. I deleted everything, left only the standard ones.
I don’t see the point of talking about each application of the MiUI shell, because everything has already been chewed hundreds of times.
A few screenshots

Performance and Tests


Geekbench 4

Epic Citadel UHQ and HQ

test menu

Communication Wi-fi Geolocation. Here everything is not very good so far. If you believe the reviews on, then this device has a communication problem. It consists in the fact that the sound at the other end is “out of the pipe”. Many solutions have been written, and it seems that in most cases this problem is fixed. I, apparently, were lucky and did not observe this problem in my device.
4G in the capital of Belarus catches without problems. But for two reasons, I do not use it. first - I do not have megabytes for 4G and for the sake of saving power. VoLTE is not supported by us. I always use 3G, download speed depends on my location. 2G also works without problems.
The Wi-Fi module here supports operation at 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. I have a 2.4GHz router, the maximum reception throughout the apartment.
speed & wifi test

Searching and connecting to satellites here is on top, especially for me after mtk (where I had to wait a minute).
This chip allows us to connect to satellitessystems such as gps, glonass and BeiDou. Search and connection during a “cold start” with mobile data enabled is 2-10 seconds. Usually visible satellites 25-30, connected to 10-18. I have the maximum connected to 17 satellites. The process of navigating and recording tracks in my opinion is excellent!
GPS test

There is also a magnetic compass, which according to my "observations" works exactly.
Camera The module in this device is installed from Samsung S5K3L8, it is also present in many early xiaomi phones.
Main characteristics: Aperture - F / 2.2, 5-element optics, PDAF phase focusing, resolution - 4208 × 3120 (13M), Pixel Size (um): 1.12, Pixel Type: ISOCELL, Optical Format (inch): 1 / 3.06, Frame Rate (fps): 30, Package: Wafer, Die.
I do not recommend using the stock camera application. Better to install google camera or something else.
settings and view of stock camera application

There is no point in posting a photo, so all the photos on Yandex. I ask you to pay attention to the name of the files, the modes are briefly described there. And look better in the original, rather than a preview on Yandex.
YouTube video

No flash
In motion on a car
Train + different focus

OTG The device supports the ability to connect external peripherals.
Additional Information

Sound. Speaker The vibro-sound in the headphones is wonderful for me, for some it may seem good, but for some it is terrible. There is already a matter of taste and hearing. Therefore, I will not criticize or praise him. The MiUI system has the ability to adjust the sound in the headphones.
The external speaker is quite loud, it will be difficult to miss a call at maximum volume.
As for vibro, it is not strong. In the pants pocket when moving, you can not feel it. Judging by the reviews of the owners, it is slightly weaker than on 3S, there were also opinions that they are the same.
I have alarms without a melody, only vibro and this is enough to wake up, and thereby not wake the sleeping in the next room.
Battery and autonomy There is a 4100mAh battery installed, it is not removable and I can’t check its capacity, but I have no doubt about the veracity of the declared capacity.
The native charger charges with a voltage of 5 volts and 2amperes. There is no USB tester, so I can’t confirm it. The processor supports fast charging, but xiaomi did not want to implement this feature here. You can certainly use power supplies with QC, but the charge controller still does not take more than 10-11 watts. Charging: from 1% to 50% 1 hour 29 minutes have passed, from 0% to 80% 2 hours 05 minutes have passed and from 0% to 100% 3 hours 10 minutes have passed. During charging, the temperature on the battery was from 33 to 38 degrees Celsius. After 90%, it dropped to 30 degrees. At the end of the charge, the voltage on the battery was 4410 mV, which seems to be a recharge, but this is so for everyone on this model.
Antutu battery

In real use, I have enough phonefor 3-4 days. According to user reviews on, we can say that the average display time in mixed mode is about 10 hours. At night, my phone sleeps well and I do not observe a discharge.
Battery Discharge Example When Using Me

some examples of battery discharge from users

Conclusion For myself, I concluded that it was not in vain that I spent$ 120 (cashback and coupons) to replace your old man. The phone copes with all my tasks and there is a margin for performance here. The battery and very good design are especially pleasing, none of my friends could guess its real value, everyone spoke for $ 200. Yes, he has some kind of childhood sores, but 99% of them are eliminated.
I will not tell you whether to buy it or not, let everyone decide for himself.
- Nice design and well-built housing
- 3 GB of RAM
- Battery
- good performance
- Quick search for GPS satellites
- Price
- Average camera quality
- lack of global firmware (for now)
- Touch keys without backlight, but this is not critical.
frontal bonus

p.s. I understand that I didn’t describe everything and told here, so I’ll try to answer any question in the comments and edit the article itself.
Thank you for understanding!