LED daytime running lights.

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Today you will be presented with LED daytime running lights.
For a long time I was going to buy myself and now good luck) In August, during the sale, I managed to get them. But happiness did not last long ... For details on cat.
After paying for this product, there were only one thoughts: Finally, I bought a worthwhile item.
When I found out that the parcel came to the post office, broke and flew to pick it up. But after unpacking, the happiness from the acquisition quickly disappeared. But first things first!
The package arrived in just 21 days, which I liked)
Tracking number

I didn’t take a photo of the package. The parcel was wrapped in 3 layers of polyethylene with bubbles), which still did not save her from damage.

As you can see in the photo, the packaging was crumpled into the trash! But lo and behold, nothing was damaged inside.
The package was:


After I started collecting everything, another cant got out!
The fastener was a little longer than the DRLs themselves and therefore, after assembly, it bent a little, which created some difficulties with further installation on the front bumper of the car.

In the end, I decided to install them in the trunk of the car, as there was very little light.
To start, I took off all the trim in the trunk.

He did not make holes in the trunk, so he put DRL on double-sided tape.

The main plus was the rotation of the lamps 180 degrees

Then spent the wiring to the other side

Then I collected everything

And voila! Everything works great.

Plus for me there is only one:
180 degree lamp rotation
Of the minuses, I note:
Not the best packaging
Low build quality
There is no sealing that will play a cruel joke for those who decide to install this product all the same outside the car
The difference in the length of the fasteners and the DRLs themselves