LED bulbs on the dimensions for cars.

After 4 days of operation, add - I wasted my money !!! The reason is simple - they no longer shine!
Details -
color: White
Voltage: 12VDC
Socket: BA9S
led: 2 SMD 5050
Lumen: 250
3w high power led lamp
And so everything is in order.
The beginning was simply joyful: ordered on September 24, October 17, picked up from the post office.
It was packed in a standard package with additional packaging cellophane

The bulbs themselves have 3 LED pairs on the sides and one larger diameter on top

The quality of soldering and assembly is quite good.
I got into the cartridge without problems, on the first attempt the light did not come on - mixed up the plus and minus, interchanged and lo and behold!

When installing, I was very worried that the light bulb was notit will fit into the hole of the headlamp unit itself, since the diameter of the bulb is slightly larger than the outer diameter of the cartridge itself, but a miracle happened and with little difficulty, but it crawled through and even nothing broke!
It shines quite brightly, but according to the sensations, 250 LM (an analogue of about 25 watts of an incandescent lamp) does not give out.
Compared with a conventional incandescent bulb, the photo is not particularly visible, but in fact the LED shines much brighter

Well, where- without a tester)) With the car runninga current of 60 mA and a voltage of 13.6 V, total power consumption is less than 1 W with the declared 3 W. Since I am not special in these matters, I ask the experts to conduct the rest of the calculations themselves (such as reactive power).

In daylight, the light bulbs do not shine very noticeably, but in the dark (shot in the morning) quite brightly.

In general, I am very pleased with the purchase. The difference in price between LED (100 rubles per pair) and simple (60 rubles per pair) is small, and the difference in light output and durability is enormous.
I was very surprised by such a fierce debate overI’ll add to the LEDs and from my own little experience that it makes no sense to take such bulbs - they burn out very quickly. The reason is the increased voltage from the generator (here the kulibins can certainly “shamanize”, I didn’t succeed), plus the high temperature from the low beam bulb, there’s nothing you can do ...
I will post the photo of the "dismemberment" later.