Sweatshirt FC Borussia Dortmund

This is my first review, so do not kick much))
I’ve been a fan for quite some timeGerman soccer team - Borussia Dortmund. Well, if anyone who watches football knows that the team now has a very big crisis in the domestic championship, we take 18th place out of 18.
Previously, attributes could be ordered withofficial fan shop. But recently, they made a separate store for buyers outside Germany. The main drawback of which is a very meager assortment. For a long time I glanced at the attributes that are sold on Aliexpress, and still decided to order.
The choice fell on the hoodie Yellow "native" color,if only because I have almost everything from the Black team. For a long time I could not decide on the size, I measured all my sweatshirts, in the end I ordered the size M.
The price at the time of purchase was 1372 rubles.
In Germany, the price starts from 50 Euro.
Parcel arrived quickly
Track number

The sweatshirt came in a plain black bag.
I liked the quality of the sweatshirt, soft, warm and thick fabric.
Since Puma has been making us uniforms for several years now, this sweatshirt is also from Puma.
Although in the lot all logos are removed.
General form

Labels and Tags

The team logo is sewn separately, but the Puma logo is embroidered.

There are flaws traditional for Chinese tailoring - sticking out threads.

Photo on me
On me

Size fit perfectly.
In general, I liked it.