Tractors with mud tread

My wife liked these “sandals”. Honestly, I don’t know what she found in them. They are strange. Well, okay, wearing it is not for me.
Under cat photo review.
This is the second pair of shoes from the package. The package went almost 40 days. Three pairs were ordered. Everything came in an ordinary plastic bag, without boxes. Shoes crumpled a little along the way, which is noticeable in the photo.
For a long time tormented the seller according to the size. For the Russian wife size 39, 25.5 cm, the length of the foot was ordered on the recommendation of the seller 9. The size came up.
On the seller’s page, the material is declared as “softskin ")). The material is really very similar to genuine leather. From the inside there is a characteristic pile, very soft and stretches a little. Recently, technology has taken such a step forward that it is very difficult to distinguish artificial leather from natural skin. And in terms of consumer qualities, it is no worse.
I would also like to note the sole. It is rubber, bends well and has a very interesting “tread”. When compared with car tires - M / T is unambiguous))




On the "drives"

There are no special complaints regarding the quality. In some places, glue is slightly visible.
Comments are superfluous, in a word - tractors. Live, look interesting and pretty.
My wife likes it, she speaks comfortably.