Clorts trekking sneakers: review of the purchase of shoes not on the official website

Hello guys. Many of you use shoes. Most of this while walking in nature and even cross country. In short, we will talk about tracking sneakers.
Now I will try to describe my experience in resolving the disagreement between quality and price. In this particular case, the problem can be considered solved.
click on and get down to business.
And so, from what I am repelled. I have long had beautiful Lowa sneakers. they were comfortable, indestructible and almost perfect, except for the complete absence of Waterpruff (how to put it briefly in Russian ... water repellent is still not that ... in short, the champions of the Russian language will forgive me) the shorter fishing line was without a membrane and flowed instantly through textile inserts . in addition, these textile inserts (although there were at least them) were torn faster than anything else.
the second Salomon sneakers were already on Gortekh and for the time being did not flow, but the textiles were also present and again cracked earlier than anything else.
In short, for a long time I was looking for something witha minimum (or better without it) of textile and at an affordable price. The task was complicated by the fact that I have a rather small size (39-40 = 25 - 25.5 cm) and they don’t sell men's shoes for me in Russia, it’s especially difficult with all kinds of sports masters where there is a freebie but no size.
Then came 11.11 with intrusive advertising and flickering pictures. in the pictures, the sneakers that were pretty and suitable for my needs caught my eye. Scrolling through available sellers and sorting through possible coupons, he stopped at the type of official seller.
The order is a short wait (arrived by SDEK fora couple of weeks) and already a habitual disappointment - I missed the size (7us = 39eu = 25cm) it turned out to be very close to me. To correctly measure the size of the foot, you need to circle the foot on paper and measure it in this form, if you just measure with a ruler while standing against the wall, it turns out a little less ... Well, it doesn’t matter, it’s just not comfortable with a thick toe, everything is fine with a thin toe.
We proceed to the inspection.

And so, the sneakers are made of real leather,pretty fat. Unfortunately, not from a single piece, but not from flaps. Again, unfortunately, a micro piece of textile fell into the bend zone on the toe again. the tongue is textile, one-piece with a leather insert under the laces - that is, there are no gaps for flowing.

On the toe a protective influx of the sole (very handy -already several times clung to fittings). On the heel is also a rubber protection - very relevant when removing - I generally do not untie the laces - wear with a spoon, take off with my foot. In short, everything looks at the highest level. the only flaw is that an eversion with a membrane is visible at the junction of the tongue, but this is nonsense.
First impressions of socks. As stated in many reviews on Ali, the heel slides a little. At first, there is a feeling that at every step you slip a little out of the shoe, but after 4 days I completely forgot about it, and now even paying attention to this moment I can’t feel it. The backs of the sneakers for 4 months of use have not been rubbed, that is, the slippery heel syndrome does not seem to be scary.
Relationship with water. My main goal in buying these sneakers (except for walks and field trips) is to go to work in the wet season, I live in Krasnaya Polyana, Sochi, but it is very wet here, and the most unpleasant thing is porridge made of snow at temperatures above zero. The first thing that catches your eye with this use is a good impregnation (I would even say excellent!) That is, the membrane often didn’t even get to the membrane, it starts working only after the impregnation in the battle with water and the moisture penetrated deep into the outer layer . In short, during the winter, my legs never got wet, although I had to walk along the pickle as in the next photo (albeit not far).

The sole, although not vibram, but I can not make any claims to it. It holds normally and predictably (no worse than vibram).

In recent days, I switched to urbanslippers and clearly felt the difference. The reviewed sneakers have excellent anti-shock soles and insoles. In addition, as in all normal tracking shoes, the foot is comfortable. Inside, everything is quite soft, in short everything is as it should.

And, although I didn’t have to go more than 8 km per day, I did not observe any calluses and scuffs.
For 4 months they have not lost their appearance, but this, of course, is not a deadline for leather shoes. So they look now

in addition, I want to say that I considered damage to the lining on the heel (photo in the comments) and the weight of a pair of 820g (quite typical weight for such shoes).
- slippery heel (meaning lining)
+ skin
+ large pieces of leather :)
+ membrane
+ impregnation
+ excellent sneakers are no worse and much cheaper than brands (for example, Lowa in a trial costs about $ 120)
P.s. I went summer in sneakers, at work I often go to the mountains - easy tracking (without a backpack, this is important), excursions. Sneakers feel the same way, only the lining on the heel is torn harder, shorter than a year, great bots!
Moreover, at work we were given zamberlan yerengtx low, the price of these sneakers in retail is 12-14t.r. but in terms of convenience they lose a lot, the heel slips even harder and at the same time rubbing heavily, and this is already some kind of brand. The sole they have, of course, is a real vibram, maybe the skin is better (not sure) and burned, but you can’t wear it right away, they require careful wearing, and this is not only my opinion. All received feel the same.
I am very pleased with the purchase!
PP.S. I want to add a couple of lines after 2 years. Bots continue to be actively exploited, and their condition allows us to hope for another season. all summer I alternate them with the mentioned zamberlan yeren gtx low, after lapping they became just as comfortable, Clortz has more filler and they are warmer (this is minus in the summer) the sole is no worse than vibram, here in the comments they said that it is slippery, so I'm with I disagree with this, I have to (constantly) jump a lot on stones, in streams and across an intersection, the sole holds where it should hold the normal sole and does not hold where it does not hold anything (slippery wet stones in mud and lichen) on the pedals in the car does not slip (once there was a story - they washed it in a car wash waxes, I cursed them for a long time, maybe dissatisfied people have the same trouble ...).
There were still comments about an uncomfortable block. it is clear that everyone’s foot is different, and the block may not fit. I do not have a narrow foot at all, and this shoe fits me almost perfectly, although it is possible that the Chinese screwed up with shoes for different sizes.
Any tracking shoes require posting and getting used to, and the stump is clear that it is better to try on in the store than buy online.
A few words about the membrane. once went into the woods - to prepare a path for tourists, caught in the rain. I’m in Clortz, a partner in Zamberlan with a burner, so after 3 hours my partner complained that he was already squelching in his shoes with a gym, I didn’t believe him, it was certainly not dry, but it looked more like sweat than the water outside - just raw socks. a couple of days later it fell into the rain there again, and I was already in zamberlan with a flame-thrower (buddy in rubber boots :)) and so it started to grow cold very quickly, much faster than in Chinese Klors with an unknown membrane, I don’t want to extol this the membrane, I used to get very wet in these bots, walking all evening in the rain in the city, but everything has a limit and the limit of expensive sneakers in the burnout was much lower.
In summary, I want to say that the Klors wererather strong sneakers with a stable sole, perfect for activities in nature and in the mountains with a decent membrane. Their only drawback is a slightly slipping heel and a little more filler, which shifts the ideal time for them by spring-autumn.
I re-read the comments and was surprised by the unhappy. I even crept in suspicions that the shoe and sole may differ depending on the size, and the quality of even branded goods is not always necessary at all (here I also know what I'm talking about - I watched a friend's jacket the north face from a brand store crumble , and I have 3 identical quechua jackets, 2 of which are amazing, and the third crumbled over the season)