Trekking sandals for women and men

Hello everyone! Before going to Crimea, I thought about the need to buy shoes for hiking. They planned long exits to the mountains, walks along the beaches, the passage to the ford of mountain streams, etc. etc. Climbing the Internet for feedback on the nearest outventure sportsmaster affair, I came to the conclusion that they should not be taken. There are pluses (at least the price), but also a lot of negative in relation to quality. I did not want to overpay for cool brands, so I climbed on Ali. Who cares what came of it, welcome to cat.
Rummaged through a lot of information, and in the endI came across a Clorts company. It turned out that the company was already well-known in Russia. A lot of reviews and many of which are positive. Chose their store, settled on these. Colors for choice 2, chose blue. Then they cost me $ 45, now the price has fallen.
Additional Information

Delivered in 2 weeks to Siberia, not being tracked. The very first thing that surprised was the weight of the box with the package. Carrying to the house, I thought that it was empty. Opened, fuuh. A pair of sandals. They are REALLY very light. When you put on your feet, you don’t feel any weight at all. There are a lot of photoshop images on the product page, but, interestingly, the product is directly completely similar to the one painted. Regarding the size, the seller has laid out a dimensional grid, thanks to which you can easily guess the size. I measured the length of the foot, checked it with the table, ordered the size that fits my length of the foot, no more no less ... By the way, my foot size is 41st. And according to the table it turned out EUR 42. We sat perfectly. For this, the manufacturer has a separate merci.
Sandals come in the original box wrapped in a bag.
Box ... yes, an ordinary shoe box, although cats are immediately attracted

There is some information on the box.


Boots are made of artificial materials. Leather substitute, rubber, microfiber mesh.
To justify the name of the trekking sandals, the toe is protected, so there is no problem to stumble over a stone or branch.

Instead of shoelaces, such a rubber band is missing from above.

It is threaded through special loops in leatherette and rubber inserts.

this allows the shoe to keep in shape, but also to have good elasticity so as not to cause discomfort during kinks.
The back, which holds the heel, is fixed by 4 strips of fabric sewn to the back and passed through special rubber “ears” on the other hand. On the stripes "light reflector" is applied.

The biggest doubts were in these stripes, but as experience has shown, nothing happened to them. Is that reflective properties have become less.
Back with manufacturer logo

Velcro fastener, also with logo.

"Lipa" holds confidently, there was not a single case of spontaneous unfastening.

Initially, the entire sole was drilledholes for removing water from sandals, and these holes are covered with a metal mesh so that small pebbles do not slip. But the seller immediately warns that these holes in the new batches stopped drilling, because there were many complaints that if you walk through small puddles, water seeps through these holes to the foot.

Mine were from new parties, without holes.

I think this is the right decision. and metal grids for some reason remained :)

The sole is of excellent quality, hard enough to not feel the stones, branches, but also very plastic, easily bends. During the active season, nothing happened to her and did not crack.
The adhesion to the surface is excellent, although there were a couple of slight slippages on the smooth, moist stones that the water worked on.

That's how they look on their feet

A few more detailed photos

Immediately after the arrival of the parcel, hard operation began. Hiking 30 km per day, including fords and paths, and beaches and mountains.
In general, the impressions of the sandals are only positive, for one active season they did not lose their appearance at all. For a review, I threw them into the washer and stuffed after. The seams hold perfectly, do not open.
What I note from the pros.
+ I liked the sock, you feel more secure than in ordinary shoes.
+ For 4 weeks of crawling through the mountains and forests, not a single callus appeared. What can I say? This is my first summer shoe, which is absolutely not ground foot. I forgot what socks and adhesives are.
+ After entering the creek, it does not choke and dries quickly enough.
Of the minuses
- In general, when walking in the heat of more than 35 degrees, my legs sweat a little, but my legs dry very quickly, thanks to the structure of the materials.
- Faded reflective spraying on the straps holding the backdrop.
- Maybe design, but it is subjective ... In good shoes, this is not the main thing.
- There is the possibility of getting small pebbles. All the same, these are sandals. This disciplines and helps to learn not to scruff your feet.
Thank you for attention! All a great mood and cool holiday. Let the shoes not spoil the memories of your adventures!
PS: I wrote to the seller about plans to write a review on his shoes. Offered to make a discount for future buyers. The seller promised to make a discount of $ 3. To do this, place an order, but do not pay, write the code word “zloybestcost” to the seller. Waiting for a change in price by the seller. You pay. Though a trifle, but nice.