Knitted suit at an attractive price

I want to show you what I gave my girlfriend for the New Year and share my impressions, and a little “chat” ...
My girl sent me some pictures withcostumes, so I helped her choose one of them (she liked everything), she wanted to pick up and order something on VKontakte for the New Year's party ... I didn’t like any of the options she presented, especially since I don’t really trust these social sellers. networks, as scammers are now at every step. I decided to offer her my own version, which, in fact, will be discussed below. But she still ordered what she liked for 1,500 rubles.
The most successful photo of this costume that I have, do not judge strictly.
She liked this costume, judging by her words at 8 out of 10 points. I did not like more than I liked))
So I decided to order a costume for her to my taste. I was looking for aliexpress on the open spaces, I stopped at this
It cost 1800rub., but I looked at other sellers and found the same for 1080rub. the difference was not only in price, but also in the number of orders and reviews. The size of both sellers was only one. I, knowing the dimensions of my companion, realized that the suit should fit, since the dimensions indicated by the seller were practically hers, with an error of a couple of centimeters.
Order EXAL to Russia 4 days, from the Moscow customs SHEL Post of Russia 18 days, to the Krasnodar Territory. But given the fact that there were New Year holidays, this is not bad!
Let's move on to the costume itself:
Quality will be rated at 9 out of 10! This is very good, considering its price. Thick knitwear, stretching, bright color (not like in the seller’s picture, but still bright), straight seams (not a zigzag like most clothes from China, but a simple straight stitch), the sleeves are the same.
The sweater in front of it was a little shorter than the back, I thought that the Chinese had “screwed up”, but the girl and mother reassured me, they said such a model, they say “it’s so conceived”!
Here is a photo, in my opinion, more successfully conveying the real color
I'll show you how it looks on the body (photos are cut from the video, how it turned out)

tight elastic on the skirt, the elastic itself is sewn inside,
I would also like to show how the seams look outside on the skirt (the same on the jacket)

I apologize for the quality of the pictures, the conditions did not allow me to shoot in normal lighting ...
Girl's parameters: 168 height, weight 52, usually wears 42-44 size. Since the suit stretches well, I think it will go to size 44-46. Russian sizes are indicated.
I was guided by the sizes specified at the sellerin centimeters. The jacket in the shoulders is free, at the waist it is narrowing, but still remains a bit loose. Skin-tight skirt (also called a “pencil” is the shape of the skirt), with a high waist. Look at all other sizes from the seller, everything is there, I don’t see the point of measuring or copying from the store (fill out the review), if the costume is interesting, consider the product description, it matches! Interested in something else specifically, ask, I will answer everyone!
I conclude: the suit was liked by everyone (who saw it in life), the threads stuck out at the seams, but they are very easy to remove. The fabric itself is of excellent quality, reminiscent of the USSR - in the fashion were things from such or similar materials. This costume can be worn in spring or autumn, as well as in winter can be put on a visit.
Of the minuses, I would like to note that there are no tags talking about how to wash and what the costume is made of, sizes are not indicated ...
I also recorded a video of how I unpack the parcel and try on, the quality there is better than in the photo, since the camera is good.