Trio with Ali: Pullover, shirt and bumper for iPhone 5c

Good day!
Parcels keep coming, and I keepshare impressions about them. Today there are still a few women’s clothes and a bumper for iPhone 5c (a few words about it, so there’s no point in making a separate review). I ask for a cut)))
1. The first lot - pullover (jacket, sweater)
Popular on Ali, seen by many sellers.
Price US $ 9.12 - 10.17.
He cost me 385.4 p. Now a little more expensive due to the exchange rate.
Naturally, for this price I got a purely synthetic =)), but a pretty high-quality sweater.
Material closer

The wrong side, no paper, no label:
Wrong side

Many girls write in reviews that the sleeves are short. Yes, I agree, in the seller’s photo the sleeve is free, but I don’t (my height is 170, are my arms long?)

He is pleasant to the body, he has already experienced the washing successfully (he hand-painted and slightly painted the water, but the seller warns about this). He sits on me freely.
Here are a couple of photos:
all by myself yes by myself

Pros: Bright, neatly stitched, odorless, nice material and price.
Cons: Short sleeve.
2. Denim shirt
Price is US $ 17.18. It cost me 699 rubles, now it’s already 739 rubles. (increased by about 1 dollar).

On the store page, the photos correspond to the product. It is inclined to think that it is H / B - pleasant to the body, wrinkling very much), almost not reaching

I don’t know how I chose the size, probably I was embarrassed by Bust 94 (because it’s obviously already a lot, and L is generally 98 !!) but I took M. The result is an awfully short sleeve))
What a short sleeve aaaa

But this is not the worst! In the photo with the sleeve, you can already see the THREADS! Of all, excuse me, slots, threads stick out. And also flimsy fittings:
I can’t open the door myself into the entrance, but then I pulled out the BUTTON

General view, already without a button and after washing:
All by myself, yes by myself

Cons: Flimsy fittings, threads, short sleeves.
Pros: the material is excellent, odorless, sits well.
(I took a shirt for socks under sweaters, so I don’t open the dispute, cut the threads, rolled up my sleeves, I’ll be more careful with the buttons)))
3. Bumper on iPhone 5s
It cost me 121 p. ($ 2.99) now discounts US $ 1.79 - 2.39!
I didn’t see anything interesting offline for my miracle, I ordered it on Ali. Of course, I did not expect anything special, but for 120 r, sorry, this is a cool thing =) The print is good:

Just plastic, yes

We must take it!)
Trio assembly. Caution, headless selfie

Thank you for your attention!)