Case for iPad Air take Two!

Friends, here a year has passed after I presented my acquaintance a cheerful little case for iPad Air. I described it in a review:
A year later, it was decided to update it ...
The old case worked for a year just a bang. He didn’t tear anywhere, he didn’t wear out much, but he could not do without small losses ... His photos will be at the end of the review.
The new one is just as soft, all the holes are the same, the functionality is completely identical, only the bumper inside is gray.

This time the seller delayed sending a little (10 days) and, annoyingly, did not put a film for the screen. I wrote him a letter about this, let's see what he answers ...
Now on the product page, the quantity for selection has greatly decreased and paid delivery has appeared.
The case is good, time-tested. I recommend to buy!
And now what happened to the old case:
I must say that he passed both fire and water))) Cracks and breakdowns on the bumper after several falls that did not cause the tablet any harm ...

More photos of the old case