Fruit bracelet

Review of a very nice bracelet.
The bracelet was liked by its unusualness and brightness. It differs greatly from leather baubles, just chains, watch straps, ordinary beads on wire and so on.
Comes just in a bag. And in a very compact form. Bent in the form of a ring.
Photo: Package Contents

In the reviews, many complained about the baby’s hand. And you just need to gently bend it under your arm. It is difficult to say how many extensions he can handle, so it’s better to straighten it once and for a long time.
But on the other hand, he is still on a thin female hand. 17-18cm - this is the maximum girth of the wrist for this bracelet.
Photo: battle mode

There are three sections for fastening. Actually, the size is limited by the chain.
Photo: chain sections

It seems to me that he is from the same series as flower earrings. Although sold in different stores.
Photo: bracelet and earrings

Made of (sort of) zinc alloy. The berries are painted with enamel. Everything except strawberries (?). It is made of translucent acrylic, although it looks like frosted glass.
On the hand it looks pretty pretty. Fruits. Spring, summer, sun, beach.
Photo: on hand

According to the results.
Great cute bracelet, not like alik colleagues. Beauties of all ages will be thrilled.
Although the golden layer will almost certainly peel off over time. But still.
Another photo: almost art

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