Inexpensive teapot (type) of optimal volume

Hello everyone! A long time ago I did not pick up drafts and did not write reviews. A lot of water flowed away, a lot of dishes broke. All the teapots that I described in previous reviews ceased to exist due to a fall from the table. In our family, this is a disease. They beat everyone! Two young children, this is understandable. But also his wife, and he himself is not sinless. I brew Puerh in gaiwan, but here is red tea and oolong tea in the type I want to bring to your attention!
This time I chose almost the cheapest type. There are reviews, reviews are good, I decided not to overpay. The seller shipped quickly, oddly enough, by Finnish post. The package took two weeks, the packaging is very reliable, thick polystyrene foam and a cardboard box. And now I have the treasured teapot.
No packing box. Inside there is only a small piece of paper with instructions.
The type consists of two parts. The brewing tank is plastic. Tank for discharge from heat-resistant glass. The total volume of 500 ml.

Inside the brewing tank there is a metal mesh for filtering. The handle is plastic, comfortable. I chose the pot-bellied version of the kettle. There is a straight, cylindrical.
Top two keys, red to drain, black to lift the lid.
First impressions of use are positive. The kettle performs its function properly. Everything is comfortable and pretty. You can take it!